One of the ancient race of Titans, a race of cosmic beings seemingly born for the soul purpose to infect the universe with chaos. Bolo was alone among his brethren in that he realized there was a better way. In a final act of defiance and rebellion, Bolo used his powers to close the portal between Final Space and the mortal universe. Imprisoned by his fellow Titans for his rebellion, Bolo has been sealed in a great cube in his own realm, reaching out with his mind to find mortals he can warn about what horror opening Final Space will unleash.


Bolo is a Titan who helps Gary with his journey after Nightfall insists that they need to talk to him. Inside of Bolo's mind is a flaming, dark blue gatekeeper who transports Gary and his companions through the various brain chambers of Bolo's mind. 

Not much else is known about Bolo until we learn more about him in future episodes.