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Chapter 10 is the tenth and final episode of Season 1 in the Final Space series. It premiered on April 30th, 2018.


Gary, Quinn and the team battle the Lord Commander to decide the fate of Final Space and the universe.


Gary and his Crew (Quinn, Little Cato, Mooncake, Tribore, KVN and the rest of his S.A.M.E.S.) gets ready to attack Lord Commander and his whole fleet of ships.

H.U.E. says that there is only one option to attack the fleet that will almost obliterate all of it. H.U.E. says that they should create a Level 4 Particle Burn, however Gary was immediately confused so H.U.E. specifies that they will have to shoot the light fold engine of their ship and detonate it in the middle of the fleet.

Gary then agrees and H.U.E. shoots the engine. It explodes, resulting in almost completely destroying of the whole fleet . With the Lord Commander’s fleet obliterated, the Galaxy One Crew proceeds to move towards the breach but Lord Commander tries to prevent them from doing so by launching Using the HIVE which contained many mini robots that can tear.

H.U.E activates the shield of the ship but the HIVE already starts rapidly damaging it. KVN and Mooncake volunteer to cover the rest of the crew but H.U.E. warns that they won’t be able to hold off the HIVE for long. The remaining crew proceed to make preparations in getting the anti matter bomb ready.

Gary attemps to take a fighter ship with the bomb in his hands going but Quinn objects to this, saying that she would do it since it’s her life work to do it. Gary argued but to end it, Quinn kisses Gary. Gary says you give me more once you come back. Quinn then takes off, heading to the rift to close it once for all. Hoping to be alive to come back.

Little Cato flies his ship towards the Lord Commander’s ship, wanting vengeance for his Father’s death, Tribore does the same but however, also calls his whole resistance group to fly up and assist him in the battle. Also mimicking a alarm sound while the flyers get ready. Then Tribore and his resistance star shooting the surviving ships from the blast which they destroyed one. Unfortunately, Tribore’s ship gets shot, causing it to spin out of control.

Shannon wonders that with Tribor Little Cato says he is, then Little Cato blew his ship up and flew directly to Lord Commander’s ship which is all to his plan. Little Cato successfully made it in. Little Cato lands in the ventilation system, then pulls out his laser pistol. He walks off, finding Lord Commander to finish him off.

Gary continues to fight the HIVE that got in after the shield got destroyed. KVN and Mooncake continue to fight the HIVE outside but KVN gets sliced by one of the HIVE robots, then says his final words before dying, flying in front of the ship windows, Gary sees this and calls it “beautiful!”. Mooncake gets captured by Lord Commander after being caught by the Dimension Splitter Gun Mooncake is taken back to Lord Commander’s ship and the hatches closing along with Mooncake.

Gary, angered by this attempts to get rid of the HIVE but gets stabbed by one of the HIVE robots. Gary lays down in the floor, in pain and bleeding but then uses the medical gun to cover and numb his pain. Despite HUE’s warnings to abandon ship, Gary decides to fly with his ship, setting a course towards Lord Commander’s ship.

Meanwhile, Little Cato shoots Bhero in the head, instantly killing him. Before he gets the chance to claim vengeance on the Lord Commamder, Gary crashes into the front of the ship, resulting Little Cato blasting out of the ship and drifting into space, knocking him unconscious Gary comes out, unaware that he accidentally launched Little Cato out of the Lord Commander’s ship but was determined to find Lord Commander and Mooncake. He sees a shadow of the two, he heads towards it. Lord Commander was about to get shot by Gary but used two wires to power himself up. Gary attempts to shoot the Lord Commander but the shots are blocked by the Lord Commander’s Powers. Gary then witnesses Mooncake being used as a giant Laser Turret to open Final Space.

Gary pleads to Lord Commander not to do it, even calling him by his real name, “Jack”. However this only angered him, so Lord Commander blasted him with lightning, forcing him out of the ship then into space. Lord Commander shoots the turret and successfully opens Final Space. A Titan hand comes out of Final Space, Lord Commander thought it was going to pick him to be a Titan however actually grabbing the planet Earth, than dragging it off back to open rift of Final Space. Lord Commander is angered that his chance to become a god has been ruined and continues to cough up blood.

Gary was immediately shocked of seeing this but receives a call from Quinn who is still carrying the bomb. She says she won’t be able to come back, then detonates the Anti-Matter Bomb, closing the rift along with her and Earth. Gary cries out for her, saddened and heart-broken from this. A recap of all the episode intros to till the present occurs with the oxygen timer finally reaching zero. Gary suffocates from the lack of oxygen and then dies.

Gary then wakes up, everything white around him. His father then appears Gary soon realises that he is dead. His dad says that he has two choices, come with him or “go back”, . Gary then thinks his choice, asking his dad whether Little Cato And Quinn are dead or alive but John does not answer his question and says there is “too much beer” for Gary to enjoy. The episode ends with Gary’s lifeless body continuing to drift off but a strange anomaly opens up behind him at the last second, and the fates of the majority of the main characters are left unknown.