Chapter 2 is the second episode in the Final Space series. It premiered online on February 15, 2018.


Gary and Avocato must chase down the ruthless bounty hunter, Terk, before he can tell the Lord Commander that Mooncake is aboard the Galaxy One.






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  • The scene where Avocato and Gary turn to each other when he says he will perform the surgery on Gary is a reference to the video "Baytowne Heights" on Olan Rogers' old YouTube channel BalloonShop.
  • It is also unknown why Lord Commander refused Avocato’s deal, as he clearly wanted Gary, using his powers to stop him from getting away and pulling Gary closer to him. This could just be that Lord Commander is simply evil and does not keep promises.
    • It's possible The Lord Commander went back on his agreement to give Avocato his son back as it was his only leverage over him.
  • When Gary and Avocato are running towards what they think is a spacecraft they can escape on, it flies away to reveal another ship they might escape upon that looks a lot like the Space Cruiser from Rick & Morty.
    • In an thread on the Final Space subreddit, DVO, the show's art director, states that while it isn't the Space Cruiser, it style is similar to it citing it to be a "generic 1950's alien space ship that you would normally see on some of those old alien invasion movies, which is probably the same idea that Rick and Morty pulled from in the future"[1]


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