Chapter 4 is the fourth episode in the Final Space series. It will premiere on March 19, 2018.


After the Galaxy One is hacked, Gary has to harvest energy from a nearby star to reignite the engines and escape.


After finding the message from Quinn and saving her from her destroying escape pod, Gary learns that Quinn doesn't remember a thing from their 'past.' With that, the Galaxy One is immobilized by the Infinity Guard, draining the power from the ship.

Gary must retrieve energy for the ship from a dying star's rays. With the help of Mooncake, Gary sets out to "fulfill his destiny" and save the ship. While he is gone, the Infinity Guard takes over HUE's programs and the robots begin to attack Quinn, Avocato, and KVN. The only way to shut him down and bring back the old HUE is to use an override chip given to KVN from Nightfall. KVN takes the responsibility to rewrite HUE, who rapidly spits heart-stabbing insults that nearly break KVN. But, the robot pulls through the electrical field and rewrites HUE.

With this going on, Gary is suffering from the heat and rewatches the most horrible and memorable moments with his father. This includes having to watch his father die in front of his younger self. It was up to Mooncake to fly Gary back to the Galaxy One before getting both of them caught in the 'supernova' star.




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  • Shelby Merry - Gallows