Chapter 6 is the sixth episode in the Final Space series. It premiered on March 26, 2018.


Gary and Avocato go on a mission to save Avocato's son, Little Cato, from the Lord Commander's Prison Planet, not knowing of the set trap for them. Meanwhile, Quinn finds and views Gary's vlogs, understanding his attitude towards his loved ones, being reckless with his own well-being for the important people in his life.


The crew is all back on the galaxy one when they get Little Cato's message. After a dispute on whether they go or not, Gary and Avocato decide to go together to save him. Quinn meanwhile, now free from being apprehended thanks to flirting with KVN, is watching Gary's recorded blogs from his sentence making Quinn realize that Gary has a good heart. After some mind controlling tricks from the Lord Commander, Avocato is faced with fighting his own son while LC is looking for mooncakes location in Gary's brain. After Avocato is able to bring little Cato back from his trance-like state and Gary is free from LC, LC is shot by mooncakes blast causing the others to escape unscathed, except for a sticky bomb on little Cato's back that leads to Avocato sacrificing himself by taking the bomb, resulting in his death.





  • Enter One - Sol Seppy
  • Light Runner - Andrew Goodwin (The planet jumping song - Not currently available)