Chapter 7 is the seventh episode in the Final Space series. It premiered in 2018.


Gary grapples with his future when he learns that his prison sentence is up. Meanwhile, everything gets turned upside down when Quinn and Quinn's Future Self (Nightfall) vie for the love of Gary as they try to save the universe.


The episode starts off with a shot from Gary looking at the hole which Avocato jumped through in Chapter 6. He stands there with flashing memories of him and Avocato, still stunned that it has been three days since Avocato's death. Little Cato meanwhile refuses to talk to anyone and escapes through H.U.E.'s vents. Gary asks Avocato for a sign to help Little Cato in a Captain's Log and finally says that he misses Avocato.

KVN fixes another hole in H.U.E. until Gary stops him and exclaims that that was the bathroom door. Gary then tries undoing it to no avail with H.U.E. counting down for Gary to be released from his sentence. The camera cuts to Gary sticking multiple cookies in his mouth at a time. Little Cato accidentally takes off the cover of a vent while roaming, which Quinn and Gary look at after he runs away. Quinn suggests Gary to talk to Little Cato, and he is then shown struggling in the vents while following Little Cato.

(Still a work in progress)