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Clarence is a character in Final Space (series). He ran a shop on Tera Con Prime selling various doo-dads, as well as forged identification papers and the skins of dead beings.


At some point in the past his life was saved by Avocato. He was later approached by Gary and Avocato seeking identification papers for Gary. Due to the difficulty in forging papers for a human, he instead gave him the skin of a dead Hooblot, Melanie Dewinter. He also informed the pair that news about Mooncake's presence on the Galaxy One was widespread. He later witnessed Gary and Avocato falling down the a large shaft and encouraged them, also noting he would need the skin-suit back.


Clarence had little regard for humans, considering them to be little more than trained primates.


  • "Ahh...Avocato, hmm, so good to see you. What brings you to my little shop of... Doo-dads?"
  • "I'll put my finger wherever I want, Primate!"