Coty Galloway is the voice actor of Avocato on Season 1 and on the Pilot. He also played Bhero on Chapter Ten.


Early Life


He began his acting career in the realm of Youtube. He has starred in multiple videos for the platform on various channels where those videos have accumulated around 15 millions viewers. He's been in multiple web series and short films, some of them from Olan Roger's youtube channel.

He's also a director and a writer.

Final Space

He voiced Avocato on the pilot for Youtube. Shortly after the series was picked, the TBS executives were looking forward a celebrity to voice Avocato. However, Olan insisted to let Coty voice the character and after an audition, he got the part.


  • He is Olan Rogers best friend.
  • He came up with the name "Avocato", since he has a cat named called like that but with a D instead.
  • During the Q&A session on the Discord server, he confirmes that he cried during the recording of the ending of Chapter 6. He also mentioned that the funniest episode of Season 1, for him, was Chapter 3.
  • Olan's favourite moment while making Season 1 was when he got to tell Coty that he got the part.
  • He met Olan while he was making the Mega Man X Project, a YouTube fanmade video.
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