David Dewinter had a wife named  Melanie Dewinter (dead) and 2 children. They live on level 14 on the planet Tera Con Prime.


David Dewinter is a Hoobiot who lives on the 14th level on Tera Con Prime. A husband to his deceased wife Melanie, and a father of 2 children, he is tricked into believing Gary, disguised as Melanie, is his long lost wife. The trick works until his children tug too hard on the skin of their mother, reveling she is dead and that Gary had dressed up inside of her. He is distraught and cradles half of his wife's skin, the other half mourned by the children.


David is a cyan Hoobiot with 3 eyes, elf like ears, appendages that resembles a moustache, and a double chin. He is wearing a teal shirt over a beige vest with white and orange details, a patch on his left arm, and bandages covering his wrists and hands.


Not much is known about his persona, but what we can see is that David is grieving heavily over his wife's death, and is seen in a depressive state until "Melanie" comes back. Of course, this was just our hero Gary dressed up as her, but he seems to be so happy that his wife "came back" that he ran up, embraced and kissed her, much to Gary's dismay. Once it is reveled to him that Melanie is truly dead, and that Gary was actually inside of her, he tells him to get out of their house and after that he is seen cradling his wife's dead body. (or at least half of it)


Melanie -

David seemed to have loved Melanie with every drop of blood and every fiber in his being. He is devastated about her death. However, his quote “everything with your sister was a mistake” implies that David was unfaithful to Melanie in at least one point in their marriage.

Gary Goodspeed-

David hates Gary a whole lot after he is exposed for wearing (Yes, wearing) Melanie, blaming Gary for Melanie’s death when in reality that was not the case. He gets shocked and terrified when Gary And Avocato end up stuck on the windshield of his car while escaping from the Lord Commander and his Forces. He nearly kills Gary by wiping him and Avocato off of his windshield, only to get Gary's dismembered arm stuck, causing his car to move, him and his children screaming.


  • "MELANIE!"
  • "They told us you were dead..."
  • "Everything with your sister was a mistake..."
  • "Get out of here, you maniac!"


  • It is hinted that David might have been cheating on Melanie with her sister