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"You will retain no memory of these events, only fragments."

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FINAL SPACE - Cartoon Pilot -

FINAL SPACE - Cartoon Pilot -

Final Space was a cartoon created by Olan Rogers. It eventually caught the attention of Conan O'Brien and was pitched to TBS, and several other companies. After a bidding war TBS acquired the series, creating Final Space


Directed by: Olan Rogers

Written By: Jake Sidwell, Olan Rogers

Executive Producers: Melissa Schneider, Kathleen Grace

Producer: Matt Hoklotubbe

Animation: Studio Joho

Sound: Dan Brumm

Music: Jake Sidwell

Post Production: Jonathan Salvia

Special Guest: Mitchell Davis


- Olan Rogers (Gary, Mooncake, Lord Commander, Alien Crew Member)

- Mitchell Davis (Kevin)

- Coty Galloway (Avocato)

- Jake Sidwell (HUE)