IMPORTANT NOTE: Only administrators and above can change the rules. There will be consequences to actions, depending on the severity of said actions.

This is the wiki rules page for the users of Final Space Wiki, for those who are require to take heed of the rules that implies to most of the users including admins and bureaucrats.

Basic Rules

  • No spamming.
  • No trolling.
  • No sockpuppeting (Creating multiple accounts to dodge a ban).
  • No hosting links to full episodes of the show.
  • Do not swear on the main site.
  • Any discriminatory edits or comments are not tolerated on the wiki. (Eg. Insults on race, sex, sexuality, religion, disability, ect.)

Editing Rules

  • Do not vandalize articles or other users' profile pages.
  • No edit wars (Reverting edits back to their old form to spite another user).
  • Do not badge hunt or milk edits.
  • Do not make useless edits.
  • Do not add or upload files such as videos, images, etc that is either inappropriate or has nothing to with the show. The only exception for off topic material is in user pages, blog posts, or if it is used in a context that relates back to Final Space. There is no excuse for inappropriate material anywhere on this site.

Chat/Thread Rules

  • Do not idle for too long, idling for more than 5-6 hours will result in a kick. If this becomes a recurring issue, bans will be placed.
  • Do not post ASCII art or Zalgo text, this counts as spam.
  • No spamming.
  • Do not swear to other users.
  • Do not post long links, lyrics or any other text that will flood the chat.
    • If possible, shorten long links by using TinyURL
  • No swearing in the episode or Character comment section or the Discussion page.
  • Do not necropost (The act of posting on threads that have gone at least a month without replies).
  • Do not advertise any sort of business or other things anywhere on the wiki, including the forums specifically.
  • Do not post comments or edits that are deemed insensitive or subject to discrimination against users or characters based on any characteristics. (e.g gender, religion, race, sexuality, disability, etc.)
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