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We were adopted! Which means it hurts my feelings when people run away from me without giving me a chance.

Fox Polkawitz was a Tryvuulian who joined the Team Squad from Season 2 until his death in "One of Us". He was the adoptive brother of Ash Graven and was the adoptive son of Clarence. A former soldier who was forced into battle and ran away from his past, Fox was known for being very hot-headed and childish, but was also shown to be very sensitive and gentle towards his friends, despite his imposing appearance.



Like many Tryvuulians before the thousand year war, Fox was once a peaceful and cultured alien as well as a musician, and all he ever wanted was to share joy through music. However, after the Ventrexians waged war against his people, Fox was forced into war by his peers, who kidnapped him, severed his right hand, and replaced it with a futuristic mini-gun to better suit him for war. After this, Fox was put into battle, which destroyed him from the inside out.

At some unknown point after this, Fox ran away from his home and became Clarence's adopted son. The circumstances under how they met are unknown, but a flashback in "The Grand Surrender" reveals he was already with Clarence when the two met Ash Graven on the planet Serepentis. She was fleeing from the wicked serpent god Werthrent. Clarence adopted her too, making her Fox' adoptive sister.

Season 2

Fox is first seen in "The Toro Regatta", after Clarence has saved Gary Goodspeed, Little Cato and H.U.E. from Space, and made them his property. He keeps the three from fleeing. After Gary helps Clarence win the Toro Regatta and steal the Nymerian Cube, Fox, along with Ash and Clarence, joins Gary and the rest of the Team Squad to search for the Dimensional Keys.

For the majority of the season, Fox mainly just tags along with the Team Squad. The closest thing he gets to his own subplot is in "The Grand Surrender", in which he helps an unnamed Groom to reach his wedding in time, and demands to be his best man, but accidentally ends up killing the guy by pushing him out of the Crimson Light. On board the Crimson Light, he is roommates with Little Cato.

In "The Set Up", Fox and Ash are both disowned by Clarence when they fail to praise him during carnivolo; a holiday Clarence made up to receive praise. Unbeknown to the crew, Clarence then forms an alliance with Sheryl Goodspeed to give her the Dimensional Keys. He sends most of the Team Squad away on an errant, and convinces Fox that he is sorry for his outburst earlier, offering him to go to a father-son opera (which doesn't actually exist). He sends Fox to get the (nonexistent) tickets, but Fox unexpectedly returns to the Crimson Light, just as Clarence is about to leave with the keys. Fox thus catches Clarence in the act and learns of his true intentions. Fox threatens Clarence with his arm cannon to demand the keys back, but Clarence is able to make Fox drop his guard by looking pitiful. Then he uses a taser-like weapon to electrocute Fox. Fox collapses, and bumps his head in the process, severely injuring him. Clarence leaves him for dead.

Fox is able to warn his sister before passing out. When he is taken to the infirmary, the team discovers he has sustained severe head damage to his life-support system, and they lack the materials to fix Fox. KVN, having grown fond of Fox, decides to sacrifice his falanger (the device that keeps him from going insane) to save Fox's life, succeeding.

As the crew reach Inner Space in order to free Bolo, an Avocato possessed by Invictus takes on the entire crew of the Crimson Light (including Fox). Fox later goes along the rest of the crew into Final Space.

Season 3

Fox and half of the Team Squad become separated from the other half at the end of "...And Into The Fire". In "The Hidden Light", the Lord Commander returns and captures him and the Team Squad. In "One of Us" Fox, Avocato, Little Cato, and Sheryl Goodspeed are brought by Lord Commander to be sacrificed to Invictus, although Gary and Quinn soon arrive to rescue them. Ash attempted to rescue her brother by using her powers to free him, but couldn't due to injuries sustained during her previous battle with the Lord Commander. As Invictus neared them, Fox yelled at his sister to get out before it was too late. Ash didn't want to leave him behind, but Gary takes her away as Invictus devours Fox's soul, killing the Tryvuulian.

In "The Chamber of Doubt", Ash becomes separated from the crew, because she was ripped out of light fold by an apparition that claims to be Bolo's last spark of sanity, when in reality it was truly Invictus. "Bolo" takes Ash to the Chamber of Doubt, where he tells her that she has to help him regain sanity, but in truth it was a trap to manipulate Ash into joining Invictus, and in doing so it uses Fox's corpse to trick her. "Fox" tells Ash that if she joins Invictus, they can be a family again, before embracing her. Soon, Gary arrives to save Ash, playing right into Invictus' plans. Invictus allows Gary to attack it, making it look as if Gary is attacking Fox from Ash's perspective. Invictus then pins Gary to the ground and possesses his robot arm, transforming it into a sword and forcing Gary into stabbing Fox's corpse. In his dying breath, "Fox" told Ash that all he wanted was to be a family again, before finally "dying". When Bolo regains control of himself, he attempts to inform a distraught Ash that "Fox" was truly Invictus, and that Fox was already dead. However, Ash is too devastated to listen to Bolo, and asks Bolo for her brother's body, and Bolo obliges. Ash flies outside the Galaxy Two to her brother's dead body, and hugs her brother one last time, crying as the weight of his death sinks in.

In "Forgiveness", the Team Squad holds a funereal for Fox, although Ash leaves early due to her anger towards Gary, who she still believes to have murdered Fox. Before the team were going to send Fox's body into space, Little Cato gives his eulogy for Fox, and the crew pushes his casket into space. Mooncake delivers Fox into a place where he could rest, taking his casket to the Hidden Lights. As this happens, Ash and Evra see Mooncake, and Ash seemingly comes to terms with Fox's death.


Fox is a tall and broad alien who, that completely as his best friend Ash Graven, has hazel skin on his body and a patch of gray skin that covers his face. He wears a teal vest with a shoulder pauldron on the right shoulder and purple and brown linings on the neck area. He wears a black colored fingerless glove on his left hand and has a minigun attached to his right arm, suggesting that he completely lost his right hand at some point. In "The Set Up", it is revealed he also has a life-support system that needs Tritanium, which implies he is a cyborg (partly organic, partly mechanical).


Fox is a childish and impulsive man who frequently yells and has a huge temper. He is shown to frequently have mood swings, going from angry and bitter at one second to sweet and happy in the next. Despite this, he is shown being one of the most friendliest members of the team, accepting Gary along with Ash, being the one to suggest Clarence compliment him. He is also shown being rather gullible and sheltered, and looks up to his father as a young child would. It should also be noted that although he can be intimidating, it can be rather hard for him to use his arm gun to kill others, crying in the first episode when he must. He keeps a plant to which he keeps it in an empty S.A.M.E.S. head, and he is shown to be rather attached to the plant.


Ash Graven - Adoptive sister

Ash Graven is Fox's sister, and the two are very close with one another. Fox is very supportive of Ash, and is very protective of her, even overly. When Fox gets gravely injured, Ash tries and with KVN's help, succeeds in saving him.

Little Cato - Friend

Starting off hating one another due to their species being at war, they eventually become allies and grow to respect one another.

KVN - Friend

Arguably one of the closest to KVN, Fox is rather patient with KVN, not showing dislike as much as Gary or the rest of the crew does. He calls him "the best talking microwave I ever had". When Fox is injured and almost dies because his life support system is damaged, KVN sacrifices his Falanger so A.V.A. can use the Tritanium it is made off to heal Fox, saving his life.

Mooncake - Friend

After Mooncake begins to consume everything on the ship due to jealousy, Fox and the rest of the crew hold an intervention, and Fox is the one who warmly explains to Mooncake why he needs to talk, but this backfires and Mooncake ends up nearly eating him. Despite this, everything turns out alright.

Gary Goodspeed - Friend

Although being intimidated and implying to show dislike to Fox at first, the two develop a slight bond to the point where Fox considers him family. It is unknown if Gary reciprocates the family type bond, but he does care about Fox as well.


  • "Before I take a life, I make a life!"
  • "Oh, KVN! You're the best talkin' microwave I EVER had!"
  • "They took my hand so they could orchestrate the symphony of war the dirge of Tryvuulia. The anthem played on this instrument of death."


  • Fox is primarily inspired by the character Barrett Wallace from the video game Final Fantasy VII, as admitted by Olan Rogers on Twitter.
  • The original design of Fox shows that he was planned to be a "wolf-type" character to appeal the classic idea of "Dog hates cat", since Fox doesn't like Little Cato. However, it was scrapped since DVO found the idea overused and replaced it with an unknown alien type, thus trying to diversify the universe of the show.
  • His blood is purple.
  • According to Olan Rogers, all the characters on the show have the same birthdays as their voice actors, judging from this information, Fox was born on March 12.
  • During an AMA on the official Final Space Discord, when questioned about the ages of Fox and Ash, Olan Rogers said that Fox was in his early 20s. [2]



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