The Galaxy One is a vehicle in the Final Space series.


The Galaxy One was a spaceship technically owned by the Infinity Guard fleet. The Galaxy One is usually controlled by its artificial intelligence, H.U.E..

Gary is the self-proclaimed captain of the Galaxy One, despite only being assigned to the ship for the purpose of serving out a prison sentence.

The ship does not appear to have built-in armament. The only defenses that the ship has are internal: S.A.M.E.S. robots and anti-gravitational counter measures.

Physical Appearance

The Galaxy One is primarily gray, with dark grey-blue accents around the top front, the sides of the cargo bay, and the lightfold engine. The ship's number is denoted as "01" on both sides of the cargo bay. All of its windows are tinted hot pink from the outside.


  • Bridge
Galaxy One Bridge

The Bridge of Galaxy One

  • Commissary
    • Commisary w cookie dispenser on L
    • Cookie Machine.
    • 2 booths on each side.
    • Crap Attack video game plugged into the wall
    • table service by S.A.M.E.S. when available.
  • Hallway
    • connects to commissary on one end.
  • Habitation Are
    • connects to Commissary on one end.
  • Hanger Bay/Cargo Bay
    • 2 F71's hang from the ceiling.
  • Shower
  • Medical Bay (Other Beth lives here)
  • Crew Quarters


Bake Shop

This is supposedly where the cookies are baked. It is never actually shown.

Deflector Array
S.A.M.E.S Dispenser


Screenshot 20180501-214832

The Galaxy One was destroyed near the ending of Chapter 10. Alot of the damage done to the Galaxy One was done by the Lord Commander's Hive ships. After the Lord Commander takes Mooncake, Gary and HUE both agree that they cannot let the Lord Commander win the war. Because of this, Gary decides to crash the Galaxy One full speed into the Lord Commander's incinerator ship. Not only was the Galaxy One being severely damaged by being shot by the Lord Commnder's incinerator, the crash damaged the Galaxy One the most. Since all of the S.A.M.E.S. were destroyed, there was no one there that was able to repair the Galaxy One's damages.