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All of us are broken. Just a question of how much and how far we're willing to go to fix it.

Gary Goodspeed is the son of John Goodspeed, an Infinity Guard captain who died on a mission to close a breach to Final Space when Gary was a child. Shortly after the death of his father, Gary was abandoned by his mother, Sheryl Goodspeed, and forced into a life of crime. Years later, an emotionally stunted adult Gary impersonated an Infinity Guard soldier to impress officer Quinn Ergon, but accidentally destroyed 92 spaceships (plus a Mexican restaurant), and was sentenced to a 5-year prison sentence on the Galaxy One, where, on his final year of imprisonment, would meet and befriend a planet-destroying alien named Mooncake, and the Ventrexian bounty hunter Avocato, which subsequently puts him on a life-changing journey to unlock the mystery of Final Space. Serving as the leader of the Team Squad, he is the main protagonist of Final Space.



Final Space S2 E10 68

Sheryl rejects her son

Gary Goodspeed is the son and only child of John Goodspeed, a former captain in the Infinity Guard, and Sheryl Goodspeed, a notorious space criminal. Sheryl was sent to spy on John to find out his plans for an Anti-matter bomb but ended up falling in love with him for real and having Gary with him. When Gary was still a baby, John finally caught on to Sheryl's true nature (he found her talking to her superior when he came to check on Gary), and ordered her to leave after Sheryl yelled at Gary for crying. This made Sheryl hate Gary since she believed him to be responsible for John ditching her.

Final Space S2 E5 63

Gary, holding the jar with Mooncake, attending his father's funeral

Final Space S2 E5 66

Gary burns down his parental home

As such, Gary was mostly raised by his father. John gave Gary a caterpillar named Mooncake, whom Gary deeply cared for. When Gary was still a kid, however, John died in a mission to close a breach to Final Space with his invention, the anti-matter bomb.

After his father's death and his mother abandoning him, Gary spent the following years stealing and living in his treehouse. He lost Mooncake, who had since transformed into a butterfly, to two bullies, who took the jar from him and smashed it, either killing or releasing him. When Gary finally decided to leave his home, he burned it down.

Final Space S1 E1 - 23

Gary is sentenced to the Galaxy One

Five years before the start of Chapter 1, while seeking refuge from criminals Dr. Bluestein and Derek in a bar in New York, Gary encountered Quinn Ergon. He immediately fell in love with her but learned that she was only interested in Infinity Guard members. Gary thus drugged a pilot and stole his uniform to impress her. All seemed to go well until an emergency call came in and all Infinity Guards were ordered to return to the base, forcing Gary to try and fly an F71 Hawk to maintain his cover. He accidentally fired the ship's lasers and destroyed 92 Imperium Cruiser ships, along with the small family-owned Mexican restaurant, El Ponchos. After being promptly knocked out by Quinn, he was arrested by the Infinity Guard. Gary was then sentenced to serve 5 years aboard the Galaxy One to repair satellites, devoid of any human contact, with only KVN, H.U.E., and a bunch of S.A.M.E.S. as company.

Gary has described his own life as being 'medium-to- good/borderline crappy.' During his five years in space, he sends Quinn a video message every day. He also tried to get the S.A.M.E.S., some of which he named, to play cards with him, but they proved unable to.

Season 1[]

Each episode of Season 1 begins with a scene of Gary floating in space, with his oxygen running out (he starts with 10 minutes, and has 1 minute less each episode). The season itself slowly works towards the events that led to Gary being in that position.

In "Chapter 1", Gary's sentence is nearing its end. While fixing another satellite, he encounters a small green alien, which he names Mooncake after his childhood pet. He decides to keep Mooncake, but this makes him a target for the Lord Commander, who wants Mooncake to open a gate to Final Space. One of the bounty hunters sent to retrieve Mooncake, a Ventrexian named Avocato, is taken captive by Gary and the S.A.M.E.S. While initially hostile, Gary quickly manages to get Avocato on his side, especially after he learns Avocato's son, Little Cato, has been taken captive by the Lord Commander.

Throughout the season, Gary loses his arm to the Lord Commander and gets a robotic arm as a replacement. He meets Quinn again, as well as a future version of her named Nightfall. Together they discover the Infinity Guard has been corrupted by The Lord Commander and is helping him open a breach to Final Space. This breach, identical to the one John Goodspeed closed years earlier, is threatening to destroy the Earth. Gary and Avocato eventually find Little Cato imprisoned on Zetakron Alpha and rescue him, but Avocato dies in the rescue. Thanks to Nightfall, they learn Final Space is a prison for the Titans. She introduces them to Bolo, a good titan who is imprisoned in Inner Space. Through him, Gary gets a chance to go back in time and meet his father one last time on the day of John's final mission, mainly to learn how the breach can be closed. From John, Gary learns there is a second anti-matter bomb on Earth. With help from The Resistance, Gary and his friends manage to get this bomb and confront the Lord Commander to close the breach. Despite their best efforts, Mooncake is captured and forced to open the breach further, allowing one of the titans to pull the entire Earth into Final Space before Quinn sacrifices herself to detonate the bomb and close the breach. Gary himself ends up drifting in space after being thrown off the Lord Commander's ship. The season ends with his oxygen running other timelines or multiverses, Gary closed the breach to protect Quinn from not just final space, but getting herself killed.

Season 2[]

At the start of Season 2, Gary is picked up by the Galactica Trash, a ship belonging to Clarence. He is reunited with Little Cato, H.U.E., and KVN, later followed by Nightfall and Mooncake. Along with Clarence and his adopted children, Fox and Ash Graven, Gary have a new mission; find the five Dimensional Keys that can free Bolo from his prison, so he can take them to Final Space, and Quinn.

This season, Gary gains a new enemy in Todd H. Watson, who blames Gary for the loss of the Earth and his family. He also meets his estranged mother again, who still has nothing but contempt for him. Near the end of the season, she and Todd even gang up against Gary. When an incident with a young Temporal Worm sends the team three years back in time, Gary uses the opportunity to free a past version of Mooncake. He also makes a deal with Time Swap Sammy to let them save Avocato the moment he originally died. The plan works, but joy is short-lived; during a mission to Kanopus Prime where Gary hopes to contact Quinn through the planet's clearwater, Gary ends up possessed by the evil Invictus, until the creature decides Avocato is a better host and takes him. After this incident, Gary decides to officially adopt Little Cato, since the boy lost his real father for the second time.

Despite a betrayal by Clarence and Todd and Sheryl teaming up against them, Gary and his friends eventually get all five keys and bring them to Inner Space, where they have a final confrontation with Avocato/Invictus. Nightfall sacrifices herself to free Bolo so Gary can be with Quinn again. Thanks to Tribore, Sheryl realizes how wrong she was and begins to make it up to Gary for the years they missed. At the end of the season, the team enters Final Space in what is possibly a one-way trip, and Gary is reunited with Quinn.

Season 3[]

In Season 3, Gary reunites with Quinn but has to hastily outrun a Titan and Invictus. With the help of Bolo, they escape. They later spend a few months in Final Space, much to Gary's dismay due to the lack of proper food. They later meet up with the eccentric, genius inventor Kevin Van Newton and superfan Biskit.

After Avocato's group gets kidnapped, they were all rescued, save for Fox. He later gets possessed. Ash breaks her fingers trying to save him but fails. She felt deep resentment towards Gary for failing to save her brother. Quinn, who had severe issues from poisoning, experienced her status deteriorating. Quinn later had to go through some surgery, to which Gary took half, later all of the pain she felt. The pain sent him into cardiac arrest, to where Avocato had to revive him. The surgery ended up being a success, and Quinn was saved. They later go on to talk about Quinn's sister, Avery Ergon.

Not all was well, however. Later, after Invictus returns and attacks the crew. Gary, being attacked by a possessed Fox, was guided by Invictus to kill him. Fox was given a moment of clarity before his death, to which he utters his last words to his sister. Ash was filled with grief and anger, to which she later leaves on her own again. The crew holds a memorial for Fox, saying their final goodbyes. Later, when trying to console Gary while at his lowest point, Avocato tells Gary about Little Cato's true parentage. Gary is floored and attacks Avocato, to which Avocato wins the fight by Gary surrendering. Gary later delivers a heartfelt speech to Avocato, which brings him to tears. Avocato apologizes, and Gary apologizes to Ash. Ash forgives him in the form of offering Gary a story about Fox. Ash and Gary then cheerfully talk about Fox, signifying that Ash forgave him.

Eventually, Gary and the crew debate whether Kevin Van Newton could get them out of Final Space. Gary makes the call to go anyways. They eventually do meet with Kevin, who is overjoyed to see them. A tremor is then felt, and when Gary asks what is happening, Kevin explains that the tremors have been getting stronger over the last 3 days. Sheryl asks if the Hyper Trans-Dimensional Bridge is ready, to Kevin initially responds yes, but immediately contradicts himself and reveals that it is not ready. Progress has been made, however, and the team contacts Clarence to help them activate the bridge. The bridge ended up being completed, at the cost of Clarence's life. Gary and the rest of the crew decide to stay. Gary is revealed to be suffering from Final Space poisoning. However, the power generator exploded. Sheryl and Gary have a heart-to-heart, to where Ash interrupts with concern over what a monitor is saying. Avocato and Sheryl later go on to fight the Lord Commander after they get attacked again by Zombie Garys and The Lord Commander. Their mission fails, and the Lord Commander becomes a titan. Kevin dies in the process, choosing to stay behind and die.


Gary is a tall, thin man with light skin and bushy blonde hair. During his sentence aboard the Galaxy One, he wore a red jumpsuit with a teal belt, gloves, boots, and a white triangular collar bearing the Infinity Guard symbol.

When his prison sentence ends in Chapter 8, he changes back into his civilian clothes: a red shirt with a blue circle on the chest, a brown leather jacket, blue jeans, a black belt with a big silver buckle, and brown boots.

In "Chapter 2", after returning to the Galaxy One after Gary's arm was ripped off by the Lord Commander, Mooncake gets the idea for a cybernetic replacement by ripping off one of the S.A.M.E.S.' (specifically Rob's) left arm. Avocato then volunteers to perform the prosthetic surgery on Gary, which strengthens their bond and officially signifies the start of their friendship.

Starting in Season 2, Gary has a much more roughed-up look. His outfit is the same with the blue circle on his shirt changing to orange. His hair is more “fluffy” looking when compared to season 1. When he was stranded on Terra Con Prime following the events of The Remembered, he grew patchy stubble, which can be inferred he shaved off shortly after being rescued by the crew. He still keeps his jeans, jacket, belt, and boots during Seasons 2 and 3.


Gary’s appearance in Season 2 of Final Space


At the start of the series, Gary is shown to be more immature and arrogant, but as the series progressed, Gary has notably matured throughout of each chapter. Gary often has a habit of talking inadvertently, or as he self-proclaims it: 'word-arrhea'. (This is most likely an actual condition known as logorrhea[1].)

His time spent isolated in deep space has made him excessively receptive to friendship, as shown through his staunch loyalty to both Mooncake and Avocato, despite barely knowing them and becoming involved in various dilemmas because of them. Despite this, his hate of KVN has not been whittled away by his years of separation from intelligent lifeforms and instead reveals a very petulant and short-tempered side of his personality.

Gary's emotional development seems stunted to some extent, which series creator Olan Rogers' notes as being a consequence of his father's passing away when Gary was quite young. In addition, Rogers has commented that Gary's energetic and cheerful demeanor is a psychological defense mechanism that he uses to cope with the grief of losing his father. It is also evident that his mother abandoning him in his childhood also played a role in his current personality as he grew up. Furthermore, this element of his personality may have been further compounded by his five years without human interaction; while Rogers states that Gary is at least thirty, his personality seems more akin to someone in their twenties, which is the age at which Gary was imprisoned.

While his immaturity seems to lessen between the flash-forward in Chapter One and his current state, he is still shown to develop emotional attachments with extreme ease, and to have very poor and strange mechanisms for handling rejection, which seems to entail "Footloose," styled episodes of elaborate dancing. In addition, he has an obsession with cookies, to the point of being willing to undertake the risk of imminent death for the opportunity of being able to slip a cookie under his helmet, throwing a childish tantrum after H.U.E. tells him that he's matured too much throughout of the series to possibly want cookies anymore, and even asking that H.U.E. change his death countdown to the time until a batch of fresh cookies has been baked.

Abilities and Equipment[]

Gary shows off his robotic arm
  • Prosthetic Arm: Once belonging to one of the S.A.M.E.S., Gary's left arm was replaced with a mechanical prosthetic, with the help of Avocato, after Lord Commander ripped off the original limb in Chapter Two. As revealed in "One of Us", Gary's robot arm can turn into a laser gun and laser sword, just like that of the S.A.M.E.S.
  • Piloting: Gary starts out inexperienced with flying spacecraft, seen in the flashback scene before his arrest in Chapter One. However, as the series continues, Gary's piloting skills and overall knowledge of the ships he flies gradually improve. It is also implied that Gary had hoped to become a pilot for the Infinity Guard growing up, as shown in "The Sixth Key".
  • Thievery: It is unknown how long Gary has been experienced with stealing, but he has always been seen getting away with anything he takes. Stolen items include a piece of jewelry in Chapter One, a dimensional key in "The Remembered", and stealthily taking another dimensional key from Sheryl in "Descent Into Darkness".
  • Energy weapon proficiency: Like many characters in the series, Gary knows how to handle various laser pistols and rifles and is an accomplished marksman.


Mooncake - Best Friend[]

Final Space S1 E3 67

Gary found Mooncake while he was repairing a satellite outside of the Galaxy One in space. He took a break after repairing it to watch a movie through a hologram when he noticed a pixel on the screen started acting weird. It started getting bigger, then Mooncake flew through the hologram of the movie and onto Gary's face. While Gary was initially frightened by Mooncake's appearance, he quickly realized his face was being hugged rather than attacked, and relaxed. "I could use a face-hugger in my life." After that, Mooncake went with Gary into the Galaxy One and has stayed with Gary, and they have become companions and friends. Gary is the only one who can understand Mooncake, as seen when Mooncake tells him what happened after he was kidnapped by The Order of Twelve, to which he replies "Oh, that's it."

Avocato - Other Best Friend[]

Final Space S2 E13 57

Gary met Avocato when a group of Ventrexian bounty hunters boarded the Galaxy One to confiscate Mooncake for the Lord Commander. When they were aboard, Gary hid Mooncake and told H.U.E. to lightfold the ship to safety. When Terk realized the ship was lightfolding, he evacuated to his ship and escaped. Two of the bounty hunters were sucked into space and disintegrated by the lightfold engines. Avocato used his grappling hook to stay safely inside the ship during the lightfold. Later, he holds Gary at gunpoint and demands Gary hand over E-351. Gary responds by asking if he wants to play cards, to which Avocato dropped the weapon and put his paws up. While it appeared he surrendered to Gary when asked to play cards, really he was surrendering to a large group of S.A.M.E.S. who followed Gary to defend the ship and Gary with their built-in weapons. Gary then proceeded to tie up Avocato and try to make him play cards for the next nine hours. It was an unconventional beginning to what would become an epic friendship.

After Gary uses KVN to smash Terk's Ventrexian Stealth Probe, Avocato offers to help Gary get Mooncake to safety. Gary will only accept Avocato's help once they performed the Clasp of Friends, in which they conventionally decided to forgo the tradition of getting balls to the wind naked. Later on Terra Con Prime, Avocato is captured by the Lord Commander's soldiers and was prepared to betray Gary and Mooncake in order to retrieve his imprisoned son from the Lord Commander's clutches. However, he has a change of heart and attempts to help get Gary to freedom, but not before the Lord Commander rips off Gary's left arm.

The two of them somehow manage to escape Terra Con Prime, and Avocato offers to perform the surgery attaching Gary's new robotic arm. The two perform a second Clasp of Friends with Gary's new arm at the end of Chapter 2.

Quinn Ergon - Girlfriend[]

Final Space S1 E10 19

Gary had met Quinn Ergon five years ago at a bar called Where the Earth is Soft. He impersonated an Infinity Guard Pilot to try and impress her after being told that she'd only be interested in them by another Infinity Guard person. He followed a Pilot into the bathroom then knocked him out and took his uniform. He left the bathroom and went to talk to Quinn, then there was an announcement calling Infinity Guard personnel. Quinn went with Gary and they boarded an F-71 Hawk Ship that Quinn expected Gary to be able to fly (since he wore the Pilot uniform). Well... he ended up blowing up ninety-two Imperium Cruisers and a small family-owned Mexican restaurant then being arrested. (Sorry, Guadalupe!) This is how he became a prisoner aboard the Galaxy One. Ever since that day, Gary has made daily recorded videos and sending them to Quinn (which she supposedly never received) for his entire five years of imprisonment. After discovering he can save Quinn from Final Space, Gary spends the entirety of season 2 attempting to save her. In Season 3, Gary and Quinn have become an item, their relationship starts off platonic but they slowly start to be more affectionate to each other by season's end. Gary remains faithful to Quinn and even quite literally shares her pain as the implant to cure her Final Space Poisoning is installed.

H.U.E.- Galaxy ONE AI[]

H.U.E. is the AI of the Galaxy One ship that Gary has been a prisoner on for five years. H.U.E. controls the ship and watches over Gary, adding a day to his sentence whenever Gary tries to steal a cookie. In spite of their conflict, H.U.E admits that Gary is his only friend (especially when he admits to sharing a similar dislike for KVN). Shortly after Gary fended off the raid sent by the Lord Commander, H.U.E. held newfound respect for Gary for his bravery and courage and even offered him a cookie, but later withdrawn it when Gary began acting cocky again. H.U.E. was also willing to pull a practical joke and bluff on Gary at one point.

KVN - One-Sided Nemesis[]

KVN is Gary's Deep Space Insanity Avoidance Companion, even though he causes Gary to go insane himself. Gary has been stuck with KVN for five years and holds immense hatred towards him, due to the latter's annoying and clingy nature. When they first met, Gary almost immediately declared his hate for KVN right when he introduced himself. Gary is shown to hold no tolerance towards KVN, getting annoyed at him for small, yet understandable acts, such as KVN shooting at Gary during an escape event and KVN closing the door on Gary when he needed to go somewhere. Although KVN is shown to just want to be Gary's friend, he nonetheless irritates him. Despite this, it's heavily implied that, while irritated by him, Gary doesn't truly hate KVN, despite his claims. An example of this is how he doesn't seem to object to KVN participating in group activities, such as playing cards, and when KVN dies at the end of season one, despite apparently showing tears of joy, Gary was initially horrified when he saw KVN die, even showing a face of anguish upon seeing him in his final moments. In the second season, Gary becomes less hostile towards KVN and even begins to trust him in tasks, as he immediately tells him to accompany Ash upon hearing Fox was wounded by Clarence, even asking him nicely rather than sounding annoyed. He also doesn't seem to object that much during the season when KVN hugs him, but still shows a face of annoyance.

In "Change is Gonna Come", Gary and KVN share their first mutually positive interaction, in which KVN hugs Gary after the latter found out about Quinn's illness, which caused Gary to smile. Not wanting anyone to find out, Gary then told KVN to bury and delete the memory of the moment forever.

Lord Commander - Nemesis[]

The Lord Commander became Gary's nemesis when it was discovered that he was trying to capture Specimen E-351, or Mooncake, to use to unlock Final Space. Lord Commander will do anything to get a hold of Mooncake because he believes unlocking Final Space will save him from dying from using his powers. He also imprisoned Gary's best friend's (Avocato) son (Little Cato), then later killed Avocato after he and Gary saved Little Cato.

Little Cato - Adopted Son[]

Final Space S2 E10 57

Little Cato is Avocato's son. Avocato told Gary to look after his son, right before sacrificing himself to the bomb sent by the Lord Commander, that killed Avocato. Now Gary has to look after his passed best friend's son and does his best to protect him. In the season 2 episode "The Lost Spy", after running away, Gary finds Little Cato and offers to adopt him. Little Cato accepts and the two hug, showing their care for each other.

After Avocato joins back into the Team Squad, Little Cato still sees Gary as an adoptive father, now calling him Dad, this relationship is seen to further mature as Gary begins to refer to Little Cato directly as his son and Sheryl as his grandmother

John Goodspeed - Father[]

Gary's father, John Goodspeed, was only around when Gary was a young boy. He was a part of the Infinity Guard, and one day he had to leave for a mission. He gave Gary a caterpillar named 'Mooncake', then left to board his ship and leave for a mission. Soon after the ship took off, it exploded, killing John. These were the last moments Gary spent with his father.

Sheryl Goodspeed - Mother[]

Gary's mother abandoned him shortly after his father died. Not much is known about her except that she is also collecting the dimensional keys, though she does so for an unknown reason. It is shown that Gary has several unresolved issues with her. Their relationship became further strained when she brazenly and unrepentantly stole the dimensional keys that Gary and his friends had acquired. After obtaining the dimensional keys from her, Gary puts Sheryl in a cell. Tribore feels as if she can help in the final battle and does deep therapy with her. After the therapy works, Sheryl accepts Gary as her son, and the two work together.


Quotes and Catchphrases[]


  • "Sweet Grandor's glove!"
  • "Oh my crap."
  • "Oh my double crap!"
  • "Tough titty whompus."
  • "Shut up KVN!"
  • "This is the real, raw Gary."


  • "Huh, look at that. They went with green for a red alert. I mean, I would have went with red, a periwinkle. Heck, I mean, even egg nog. I don't even know if that's a color, but, oh, good Lord, now I just want egg nog."
  • "How about frickin’ no?!"
  • "You see, I like that. I like a girl with a lot of phones."
  • "Let's get wild. How about you buy me a drink?"
  • "I am going to murder your face off!"
  • "I need a face-hugger in my life!"
  • "Mooncake has feelings, and you just peed all over them with your cat whiz."
  • " probably have a few questions...."
  • "Oh my god! David, kids, it's me! Your Mother!"
  • "No, my arm! I forgot my arm back up there!"
  • "What the mother-loving crap is Final Space?!"
  • "I need to record my feelings!"
  • "Tough titty whompus!"
  • "I'm pumped! Super excited."
  • "Hey sphincter sack! Rock, paper, scissors!"
  • "Oohhhh KVN...what in the name of the three rings of hell did you do to the ship!?!?"
  • "You really know how to press my buttons. Press!"
  • "Cutting the engines and gliding in like a glorious coasting stealth squirrel was a bad idea!"
  • "Twist my nipples rough!"
  • "Do you really think I‘m going to hang myself with guitar strings?!"
  • "Well if this isn't life then I'm a raging sack of walnuts!"
  • "YOU IDIOT! That's my frickin' arm! You just ripped off my arm! AAAH! Oh my God!
  • "Hi little buddy. It's been a while."
  • "Oh my crap."
  • "Oh my double crap!"
  • "Do you play cards?"
  • "I am the captain."
  • "You look every little bit as spicy as the last time I saw you."
  • "Oh my wow! Oh my wow!"
  • "Must you KVN? Must you?"
  • "I don't know why more kids are named Death is sweeter then life, Fine boy you have."
  • "That's what love is. You don't see it coming. It sneaks up on you like a thief and steals your heart. To be honest, it's a little bit of a bastard."
  • "Toast a marshmallow, and get on with your life."
  • "Looking good Gary!"
  • "I'm not running away. Not this time."
  • "What kind of Frost Bear would murder rainbow cookies in cold blood?!"
  • "She's good at taking what's important to me. That woman hasn’t seen the last of me. It’s on."
  • "Oh, my word. It's happening... the rarest of moments where your moral bankruptcy is actually working for us!"
  • "You don't just need your dad, buddy. He needs you."
  • "I know you've been dealt a bad hand, and you keep getting dealt bad hands. Sometimes our heart goes all-in, and we get wiped out. But you got to stick it out. The only way out is through. We can still make this right. What do you say I.. I, uh... I adopt you?”
  • "Yep. It's me. It's the little bastard. And you're my mom. Let that sink in for a second. Have you got it? Alright? Parent-teacher conferences? Baking cookies? Not crazed rampages on your boy!"
  • "An off-day? I've never seen an on-day! I'm done being the excuse for all your mistakes! Things went the way they did with Dad because of you! You did that! And you're gonna have to live with it! ...Yes! I've always wanted to say that."
  • "Yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo! It's Gary Goodspeed, hello! Anybody out there? Still in Final Space, on this... I'm just going to say it. On this stupid planet!"
  • "It's a school of wild KVNs!"
  • "What has the Earth devolved into?! Get off! release me. Release me from this waking nightmare! Oh, no! Oh! no!"
  • "Roll out Death's sleeping bag. I'm ready for the big nap!"
  • "Quinn... I finally found him. The Father of Beelzebub. This house... must be cleansed with... FIRE."
  • "Oh. A little love coin just deposited into my happiness savings."
  • "I hate myself for this, but I must admit it... I'm desperate."
  • "I've longed to nibble on your oblong body, but an impenetrable barrier blocks me from you. Unlock your throbbing gates."
  • "Your taquitos are here, Jack!"
  • "Oh, my shiiiiit! Ugh! Did you see that?! Yes! This is tight! I can do things! Look!"
  • "Peace out, dickweed!"
  • “Listen to me. You gotta let her go. And when you do, I promise she'll... You'll see that she never left you. She couldn't if she tried. She's a part of you! Quinn, if I... if I lose you, her memory dies with you. I wanna hear about her. I do. I-I wanna know who she was. You keep her with you, and we move on together!”
  • "You know, I had, uh... I had the best dad in the world once. I did. Always felt safe around him. And in a flash, he, uh... was taken from me. I wouldn't wish that on anyone. Not even my worst enemy. Maybe KVN. You think your crime was killing Little Cato's parents. But it wasn't. It wasn't. Your crime was getting into that kid's heart. Because I know he thinks the world of you."
  • "Look, I'm not gonna pretend to know why the universe sucks the way it does, why it robs you of the things that you love the most. Or, why, for whatever reason, it put me and you into this kid's life. But we're his dads now. And our job is to protect him. We can't change the past, but we can write a new future, one that's better for him."
  • "It's back to back, for life."
  • "I'm just gonna say this out loud... putting all of our eggs in the Clarence basket was a bad idea. Why didn't we save a non-Clarence basket to put the eggs in, or half the eggs?"
  • "I once said that all of us are broken. Just a question of how much and how far we're willing to go to fix it. Well, how far are you willing to go?"

Alternate versions[]

Alternate Gary's seen in Bolo's mind

In "Chapter 8", when Gary was let into the deepest part of the mind of the titan Bolo, he encountered dozens of alternate versions of himself, including a female Gary, a Gary whose head is a balloon, a construction worker, a clown, a wizard, a robot, an Eagle-head Gary, a cookie headed Gary, a microscopic Gary, amazing mustache Gary, and a Gary without eyes.

In "The First Times They Met", Nightfall uses the Virtulazium on the Crimson Light to recreate a version of her timeline's Gary.

In both "The Closer You Get" and "The Sixth Key", dozens of dead Gary's can be seen floating in Final Space. These all come from timelines in which he, and not Quinn, was the one to seal the breach to Final Space. These Garys were later possessed by Invictus and used as tools in an attempt to kill Gary and the Team Squad.


  • Gary's phrase, "tough titty whompus" comes from show creator Olan Rogers' mother, a phrase she would use when he didn't get his way.
  • According to Olan Rogers, the reason Gary was put on the Galaxy One, instead of a regular prison, was because the Infinity Guard thought he deserved special treatment as the son of John Goodspeed. There was a scene regarding this in Season 3, but it was cut. [2]
  • As a child, it is possible that Gary may have had an interest in insects, as his childhood treehouse had a collection of bugs. This could also be a reason why his father gave him his pet caterpillar Mooncake.
  • Gary is the first character to lose a father. The second being Little Cato.
  • In Chapter 1, Gary mentions that he is Presbyterian. This is then later referenced in episode 8 when Gary is told that he had been pre-selected to see Bolo before he had been born. This is a reference to a belief that Presbyterians believe in called "Predestination" where a person would be destined by God to either go to hell or heaven before they had been born.
  • According to Olan Rogers twitter, all of the character's birthdays are the same as their voice actors. This would make his birthday June 11.
  • Gary is 32, as mentioned in The Sixth Key.
  • Gary is a parody and pastiche of science-fiction protagonists.
    • Similar to Luke Skywalker and his father Anakin, he loses part of (or all of) an arm to the main antagonist.
    • He is blond and wears red, similar to Cale Tucker from the film Titan A.E.
      • Both of their fathers are voiced by Ron Perlman.
    • Like Peter Quill/Star-Lord, he is a huge fan of 80's music, particularly the works of Kenny Loggins.
  • Gary was born during the rinse cycle of a hovercar wash.
  • It is revealed in "The Lost Spy" that Gary has the single largest bounty in the entire galaxy.



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