This article is about the the pilot character. You may be looking for the TBS series character or the original series character.
"You will retain no memory of these events, only fragments."

This article is about something that may not be canon to the TBS Series.

“When I became a warden in the Infinity Guard, I just really wanted to wear this killer sweet uniform to pick up killer sweet babes. I never woulda thought all the things I've done would have led to this.”
— Gary, Pilot

"Gary Goodspeed" is the main character and an early carnation who appeared in Final Space (pilot).


He’s somewhat similar to his final and completed version in the series, except his hairstyle is mostly yellow, consists of a parted but loose comb over. He has a white face, and long eyes. He wears a space commander suit and has deep blue with purple boots and purple gloves, while his collar is in a rather semi-Squirrel shape.

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