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"You will retain no memory of these events, only fragments."

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Gary Space is the main protagonist in a cartoon series of the same name. He is an Astronaut Space Explorer and speaks with an over exaggerated Patrick Warburton accent.





Sallalite Star Suit

Gary is seen wearing a red and purple spacesuit throughout the entirety of the Gary Space series. The suit bears a symbol of a planet with two tilted rings, which he claims is a Sallalite Star Suit. The suit not only allows him to breathe on foreign planets, but it also provides him with all the P.E.Z. and Ice Cream Sanniches a space explorer such as himself shall need.


Gary holds a turquoise retro-futuristic laser gun throughout most of the series. It has no given name, but it is able to shoot beams of Knowledge and Understanding.


Gary's Spaceship

Gary's Spaceship crashed into a rock formation

Gary arrives on the distant exotic planet of some kind by crash-landing his ship due to fate (his arch nemesis and rival) throwing him a curveball.

Red Toy Wagon

In Episode 3, Gary provides Rock 1 with a red toy wagon as a means of transportation.

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