Harp Graven is a character in Final Space (series).


Harp Graven, younger sister of Ash Graven, was born to two unnamed parents on the planet of Serepentis.

Several years before the events of the series, the two of them were chosen to be sacrificed to Werthrent, a fire snake god worshipped on Serepentis. Their parents didn't object since it was believed that being sacrificed was a great honor, and those sacrificed would be rewarded. The girls where not told of their fate, only that they had been "chosen". Harp was the first to be sacrificed, and as Ash could only watch helplessly, Harp was devoured by Werthrent. This caused Ash to unleash her abilities, and from then on she wanted to get her sister back.

Ash finally saw her sister again in "The Grand Surrender" after confronting Werthrent and getting eaten by him. She thus discoverd the truth about the snake god; those sacrificed to him where kept prisoner in a pocket dimension as mindless, decaying, zombies. Ash desperately tried to make Harp remember her, but she was too far gone and could only mutter "She's gone" over and over again. When Little Cato killed Werthrent by removing the dimensional key inside his hearth, the dimension collapsed and Harp was killed by the raging fire. Her last act was ordering Ash to leave before the flames of Werthrent engulved and killed her.

Ash was naturally devastated, but Little Cato told her that she couldn't save a person who didn't know they were lost. This and Nightfall's words to her allowed her to get some closure over her sister's death.


Harp Graven is a light cyan alien of an unknown species with pink hair, and a black uniform with a red brooch in the middle. When she is in critical condition from being surrendered, she has bulging, egg yolk colored eyes, and yellow, missing rotted teeth along with her uniform being heavily tattered and torn.


Although not much is known about her personality, she did appear quite caring to her parents and sister. Seeing as how eccentric the people of Serpentis are, it would not be too far off that Harp would be a little odd as well.


Ash- Older sister

Ash Graven and Harp have a really close relationship, holding each other's hands when they are about to unknowingly meet their fate, (Only Harp met that fate), and Ash being devastated over what happened, to the point where it could've affected her personality from the trauma.


  • "Mom? What were we chosen for?"
  • "Gone. She's gone! Gone gone!"


  • Her name means "sculpted harp".
  • She is the youngest named character to die in the series, as she was only a child at the time of her death.
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