Helper Assistant is a character of Final Space (series).


Nothing is truly known about Helper Assistant's past, but we know he is a lesser of Helper Hula and possibly a subordinate of Helper Stevil. We also know that he is helping Stevil capture Mooncake.


Not much is known about Helper Assistant, other than what was mentioned above about being a lesser to both Helper Hula and Helper Stevil, and helping to capture Mooncake for Lord Commander. He may have also been used as a lure for Gary and Avocato, but this is not made clear.


Helper Assistant is an alien with a greenish gray skin tone, a long, wrinkly face with empty light blue eyes. He is wearing a dark maroon robe to complete his looks.


Helper Assistant acts very sadistic compared to Helper Stevil and Helper Hula and typically hides this evil side by being "helpful"

Powers and abilities

Helper assistant is not shown with as diverse as abilities as Stevil, but he does have the abilities to pass through walls, which is shown to freak out Gary a bit.


helper hula-

No interactions are seen between them, but we can infer by the names and how Helper Assistant helped to get Mooncake, he might be a subordinate, or at least an ally to Hula.

Helper stevil-

Helper Assistant is seen helping Stevil capture Mooncake, so they are allies. We also see Stevil giving commands to Assistant, so we know that he is a lesser of Stevil.

Lord commander-

Not much is known about their relationship, but we do know that Helper Assistant is working along side him.


Unlike some of the others, Gary actually does interact with Helper Assistant, and is freaked out by him. We can tell that they are enemies because he helped capture Mooncake and distract the others.


We don't know much about how Helper Assistant feels about Avocato, but because he helped trap Mooncake, we can guess he dislikes Avocato as much as he does to Gary.


Mooncake hates Helper Assistant and is seen firing a laser at him when he is locked up.


  • "How can I help?"
  • "I assist the Helpers... He...he...hehehe..."
  • "But you're not being sacrificed. The lord commander needs you!"


  • Helper Assistant is the only one of his kind shown to have their eyeballs attached to their face.