Helper Hula is a character in Final Space (series)


Not much is known about Helper Hula, but we do know that she is the highest position of her race, as Helper Stevil refers to her as "High Helper Hula" and we also know that she is on the side of evil as she is helping Lord Commander find Mooncake.


Helper Hula is a large, slender, skeletal being with a lack of facial features, 8 eyes floating around her head. She wears a dress with a collar with attached arm-pads and a brooch in the middle.


Although evil, Helper Hula seems to be a lot calmer and a lot more sage than some of her subordinates.


Helper stevil-

Not much is known about their relationship, but with Stevil calling Hula "High Helper Hula", we know that he shows an immense respect torwards her, possibly even worshipping her as a god.

Helper Assistant-

Not much is known about Assistant's relationship with Hula, but we do know that he has contact with her, so we do know that he works for her.

Lord commander-

Helper Hula slightly fears Lord Commander while also thinking he is immature, as the tone of her voice as she talks to him implies before he blows up Hula's floating eyeballs.


  • "You're dying..."
  • "Every time you use your light, you quicken your own death...!"
  • "Patience!"
  • "We have been most helpful! We have found mooncake..."


  • Hula appears to have the ability to regenerate her eyeballs as Lord Commander blows them up, but in another scene she is seen with them again
  • Hula is the only female of her race shown
  • Hula has the most eyeballs out of her race