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Infinity Guard Outpost - 0439 is a base of the Infinity Guard. It is unknown if the name refers to just the base, or the entire planet the base is located on. It is the primary setting for "Chapter 5", in which Quinn, Gary Goodspeed, Avocato and Mooncake infiltrate the base to stop the corrupt Infinity Guard from opening a breach to Final Space with a plasmic energy laser, and thus endanger the earth.

The planet holding the outpost is rich in gigantic, fluorescent plants and mushrooms. Two local lifeforms are seen in "chapter 5"; a butterfly like creature that can cause anyone it bites to temporarily shrink in size, and a giant, spider-like creature. Avocato was bitten by the butterfly and spend the mayority of the episode miniaturized.

The planet has a single moon, which was severely damaged when Mooncake shot the laser, and it hit the moon instead of the breach.


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