Inner Space is a dimension within the "Final Space" universe. It is the place where the titan Bolo is imprissoned.


Inner Space was a realm under regin of the Titan Bolo. However, when the other Titans became corrupted and where subsequently sealed away in Final Space, they imprisoned Bolo in a giant cube inside Inner Space as a punishment.

In order to enter Inner Space, one must light-fold exactly through the aperture of the Orion Nebula's sun.

Inner Space was first seen in Chapter 8, when the Team Squad travelled there. They met Bolo, and learned from him (through a series of flashbacks to John Goodspeed's final mission) how to stop the breach to Final Space that was threatening the Earth.

The dimension is visited again in "The Sixth Key", after the Team Squad has collected all the Dimensional Keys. At the end of the episode, Inner Space is destroyed after Bolo is freed from his prison, but the explosion also causes the dimension to collapse.



  • For some reason, there is oxygen in Inner Space.
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