Jordan Hammerstein is an unseen mentioned character in the series who is mentioned in "The Arachnitects". He is Ash's crush and would-be prom date.



Next to nothing is known about Jordan, but what is known is that Ash Graven had a crush on him and constantly tried to impress and woo him, but he wouldn't even look at her. When she finally mustered up the courage and asked him to the prom, Jordan either stood her up or flat out rejected her. The experience was apparently so bad that it left Ash embarrassed and deeply traumatized, to the point where the very thought of Jordan or prom in general sends her into a fit of violent rage.

Events of Final Space

Jordan so far has never appeared in-series and is only mentioned in "The Arachnitects" by Ash. Ash becomes enraged at the thought of Jordan, which allowed her to use her powers in an attempt to help Gary rescue Mooncake. In a deleted scene, Ash describes Jordan as a "spineless version of me", as well as a "jerk" and a "coward".


  • While unconfirmed, Jordan is likely older than Ash, as in some cases the tradition of asking one's date to prom is usually reserved to the younger woman.
  • There is some speculation that Jordan doesn't actually exist and Ash is merely crazy.
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