This article is about the the TBS series character. You may be looking for the pilot character.


Gary’s Deep Space Insanity Avoidance Companion — whom Gary hates with every passion in his being.


KVN is a robot, whose body is shaped like an oval. He has yellow parts that are set before his eye and arms. His middle area is white and his outer area is black, with a yellow stripe. He has two arms with claws, a white eye with black Square for a pupil. One red antenna, and a grate which lights up red when he speaks.

After Episode 4, KVN's appearance changes after trying to help H.U.E reactivate. His body paint is now worn and paint missing in areas. His antenna now appears to be bent and burnt. His left arm is also replaced for a newer arm.


KVN is usually joyous and enthusiastic, no matter how dire situations may be. His energetic personality is usually seen as annoying and irritating to any character he interacts with, with the exception of H.U.E. His title is ironic in the fact that he may actually cause more insanity than avoiding it. No matter how much he is ridiculed or yelled at, he does not seem fazed, and continues to irritate everyone he talks to.

Quotes and Catchphrases

  • "I have the key! In my butthole."
  • "Embrace the KVN!"
  • "KVN saves the day!"
  • "They're just soooooo good!"
  • "Yeah. Us."
  • "Do my bidding. Fix the ship!"
  • "Woow, how pretty! What is that?"
  • "The winds of change keep blowing, we're all gonna die."
  • "KVN's got the magic and the magics got KVN!"