The Lazarus Trap is a piece of technology that traps people inside a multidimensional maze inside their minds. It is used by The Order of the Twelve to dispose of people.

In this maze, regular dimensions do not exist, and everything that a person thinks comes to life, but ususally in a hostile way. Gary Goodspeed and Avocato where trapped in one of these by Helper Stevil after they brought Mooncake to Yarno. Gary tried to use the powers of the Lazarus Trap to his advantage by thinking of a cookie, but ended up creating an army of Trident-Wielding Laser-Shooting Death Cookies.

The only way out is to wake up, something the trap will try to prevent at all costs.


  • The interior of the Lazarus Trap is inspired by the 1953 art piece called "Relativity" by Dutch artist M. C. Escher.
  • According to Avocato, only master trap builders or people who really like stairs can make these.
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