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I have no intention of awakening the Earth Titan for Invictus. No... I will become the Titan, and rule every dimension for myself!
―Lord Commander

The Lord Commander, formerly known as Jack, is the central antagonist of Final Space, serving as the main antagonist of Season 1, a minor yet pivotal antagonist in Season 2 and the central antagonist of Season 3.

The Lord Commander is a tyrannical alien dictator who ruled over his home planet, Tera Con Prime, as well as several other planets across the galaxy, until his death at the hands of Nightfall. Formerly a member of the Infinity Guard, the Lord Commander became determined to capture Mooncake so that he could use the latter's powers to enter Final Space, become a Titan, and rule all dimensions. This goal would continue on even after his death by Nightfall and resurrection by Invictus.



Lord Commander as Jack

The Lord Commander was originally a member of the Infinity Guard named Jack. For 29 years, he was a good friend of John Goodspeed, whom he accompanied on many missions as his co-pilot.

Jack gains his powers

He was also with John on the latter's last mission to close a breach to Final Space that was threatening the Earth. John managed to close it with an anti-matter bomb, but as the breach closed, the ship got hit by an energy wave from Final Space which gave Jack several supernatural powers, but also corrupted his mind. He became convinced that the Titans, who were trapped in Final Space, had personally chosen him to set them free, and join their ranks. In reality, his powers had been given to him by an even more sinister creature named Invictus.

Jack thus renamed himself the Lord Commander. In the years that followed, he build an army and created an empire, which he ruled with iron fist from his homeplanet Tera Con Prime.

He was able to take over the planet Ventrexia after convincing Avocato to kill his own rulers and thus making him his second-in-command. He allowed Avocato to keep the prince as his son as a "payment" for giving Ventrexia to him, despite warning him that the child would be his downfall.

At some point, the Lord Commander decided to test the loyalty of his lieutenants by forcing them to kill their firstborn children. However, Avocato refused to murder his son, and he turned the gun onto the Lord Commander. Angered by his treachery, the Lord Commander used Little Cato as a bargaining chip, vowing to kill him if Avocato failed him again.

Lord Commander's main goal was tracking down Mooncake, or Specimen E35-1 as he originally called him; a creature born when John Goodspeed closed the breach, and who had the power to open the breach again. He managed to capture Mooncake, who was on board the Scarlet Lance, killing its entire crew in the process. However, Mooncake manages to escape again thanks to a time-traveling Gary Goodspeed (as seen in the Season 2 episode "The Remembered").

At some point prior to Season 1, he managed to get most of the Infinity Guard on his side, and with their help began a different plan to reach Final Space without Mooncake's help; with a giant laser fired from Infinity Guard Outpost - 0439. He also corrupted Order of the Twelve after devastating their planet Kanopus Prime.

Season 1

Lord Commander is introduced when a man is brought into his lair. When the man insists that he had no idea where Specimen E35-1 was, Lord Commander proceeds to sadistically torture the man with his powers. When he learns of Specimen E35-1's whereabouts, he sends some of his minions to invade Gary's prisoner ship.

When Avocato goes to his son's his cell in Tera Con Prime, unaware that it was a trap, Avocato is taken to Lord Commander, who then lectures the cat alien on his failed mission. Avocato gives Lord Commander Gary's name as an attempt to reason with the alien tyrant to no avail. Gary arrives only to be on the receiving end of Lord Commander's telekinetic powers. This leads to Gary getting his arm ripped off. Lord Commander gets some of Gary's blood sprayed into his face, blinding him. This gives the two friends the chance to escape.

Avocato suggests that they hide Mooncake on a planet known as Yarno as they couldn't evade the Lord Commander forever. Meanwhile, Lord Commander visits the Order of the Twelve, extraterrestrial beings who act as the eyes of the universe. Hulu, one of the "Helpers," deduces that Lord Commander was slowly dying the further he used his powers. Out of annoyance, Lord Commander uses his powers to destroy Hulu's eight eyes out of spite. Mooncake escapes from its imprisonment only to find itself fighting against several monsters. After decimating several of the beasts with its destructive beam, Lord Commander arrives to collect it. Gary and Avocato arrive at the coliseum just in time, and they combat the alien tyrant. Lord Commander reveals that Mooncake was the key to opening the titular "Final Space". The three teammates escape the coliseum, causing Lord Commander to suffer from some massive damage due to him overusing his powers. He is last seen getting picked up by his fleet.

Little Cato follow an hologram's instructions and successfully sends the message to his father. However, it turns out that the hologram was really the Lord Commander who once again traps Cato, revealing that it was a gambit to lure his father and Galaxy One to him.

Galaxy One intercepts the message that Little Cato left in Chapter 6, learning that he was on a prisoner colony Zetakron Alpha. Upon arriving to the planet, Avocato realizes that his son had been brainwashed by the Lord Commander and finds himself fighting his son reluctantly. Lord Commander then uses his psychic powers to tap into Gary's mind and learns that Mooncake was on the Galaxy One. Before he could send his fleets, Quinn arrives and KVN uses Mooncake to create a huge laser and blasts it at the Lord Commander. Just as the team was about to leave, the Lord Commander spitefully uses his psychic abilities to implant a bomb onto Little Cato.

In Chapter 9, the Galaxy One is able to retrieve the antimatter bomb to close the breach, only to receive a transmission from the Lord Commander. He gives Gary and the other the final chance to give him Mooncake or face death. Gary and the team refuse his demands and prepare to engage in a large scale war between them and several of the Lord Commander's heavy incinerators.

In the season finale, the Lord Commander successfully captures Mooncake, and places him in a laser that forces Mooncake into creating a portal powerful enough to release the Titans. When Gary intervenes, Lord Commander abjectly refuses to acknowledge himself as once being named Jack, believing that he was chosen to release the Titans from Final Space so that he could become a god over all dimensions. However, his plan goes awry when the firs titan to break free completely ignores him, and instead pulls the Earth into the portal before Quinn successfully detonates the antimatter bomb though at the cost of destroying any chances of her returning. The Lord Commander is last seen enraged that his attempt at godhood failed.

Season 2

The Lord Commander's corpse is taken by Invictus

In "The Toro Regatta", the Lord Commander is barely alive anymore due to overuse of his powers and all the injuries he sustained over Season 1. He angrily glares at Mooncake saying that he wished that they never met. Without warning, Nightfall arrives and impales the Lord Commander, ending his wicked life. However, his body then disintegrates and is transported away, while a demonic voice tells the dead Lord Commander that their work is not done yet.

The voice was later revealed to belong to a being called "Invictus", who is Lord Commander's assumed master.

Season 3

The Lord Commander is reconstituted in Final Space by Invictus, who heals him of his degradation and commands him to find Mooncake. Lord Commander makes his return appearance in The Hidden Light after killing the Arachnitects and capturing Avocato, Little Cato, Ash, Fox, and Sheryl as part of his search for Mooncake.

Lord Commander later duels with Ash, crippling her hands before proclaiming that she is 'one of us', referring to himself and Invictus. After the Team Squad minus Fox escapes him, Invictus berates him before he orders his ship to pursue. Invictus, inhabiting the corpse of an alternate timeline Gary, is shown to abuse and berate him further, using telekinesis to hurl his body about, much to the Lord Commander's displease.

Upon tracking the Team Squad to Earth, Lord Commander suddenly turns on Invictus and telekinetically uses the crystals on his ship to destroy their zombie Gary vessel, before sending his ship to burrow towards the Earth's core to access the Unborn Titan gestating there. When Avocato pursues him in the Galaxy Hawk Five, the Lord Commander communicates with him and declares that it is fitting that Avocato witness his moment of triumph. Avocato scorns him for serving Invictus, but Lord Commander reveals that he isn't planning to awaken the Titan for Invictus, and instead intends to become the Titan.

The Team Squad detonates an explosive in an effort to kill the Titan, destroying Lord Commander's body and ship, but the Lord Commander manages to transfer his mind into the Unborn Titan, causing it to mature into his new Titan form. The Lord Commander effortlessly murders Bolo and pursues the Team Squad, but is interrupted by an outraged Invictus. Invictus summons and possesses four Titans to attack the Lord Commander, but after a prolonged battle all four are massacred with seeming little effort on the Lord Commander's part.

Eventually, the Lord Commander makes it to Invictus’ inner sanctum, but is easily taken down by a corrupted Ash. Soon after Ash uses Mooncake to free Invictus, it imprisons the Lord Commander in a cube prison similar to the one that imprisoned Bolo, and sent him to whereabouts unknown.


Lord Commander in "Chapter 10", with his body in severe state of decay.

Lord Commander's species is unknown. However, he is a small, aquamarine colored creature with beady yellow eyes with black outlines, sharp, pointed teeth, and Lord Commander dons a greyish-black imperial robe with a blue and green square on the right side of his collar. He wears mechanical gauntlets on his hands with bulky shielding on the back, and a green circle on the center of said backs.

When using his powers, Lord Commander's eyes turns into a bright, glowing yellow with a red outline, and his teeth seem to get longer.

As his powers are slowly killing him, his flesh is decomposing, with pink muscle tissue being nearly exposed all over his face and buried below his eyes. Black tar-like fluid flows out of the torn skin and he often coughs it up when he uses his powers extensively. This decay is further sped up due to getting injured by Mooncake in both "Chapter 3" and "Chapter 7". When Invictus resurrected him in Season 3, it was able to remove this weakness, allowing him to use his powers freely.

His current form is that of a multi-mile tall, armored Titan with three fingers, pulsing veins on his head, glowing yellow eyes and a partly melted mouth.


Not much is known about what kind of person Jack was before he became the Lord Commander. The only evidence is seen in a video diary of John Goodspeed at the start of Chapter 9, in which he cheerfully greets John and asks him to get some taquitos if they survive their next mission.

As the Lord Commander, he is shown to be extremely cruel, psychopathic, sadistic, manipulative, monstrous, power-mad, and tyrannical, not hesitating to use his powers to hurt, mutilate, or kill whoever displeases him, which he takes great enjoyment from.

He cares very little for other life and is willing to slaughter an entire prison camp in order to set up a trap for Gary and Avocato in Chapter 6. The Lord Commander also appears to enjoy playing with his victims and takes great pride in being able to outsmart them, appearing angered when his plans do not surprise those he wants to terrorize.

He is also deeply selfish, egomaniacal, and arrogant, as he desires to become a titan while not caring about what happens to the universe as a result. His arrogance stems from the fact that he believes that the titans chose him to become one of them.

He has quite a short temper, and especially low patience, much like his height, lashing out at his servants or killing them for making small mistakes.

Knowing full well that every use of his power is rotting him away on the inside, he still uses them at every turn, even in situations where it isn't necessary.

He is shown to value loyalty above everything else, going so far as to make all his generals kill their firstborns to prove their loyalty, although this may also be just another power play and to instill deep fear in his subjects.

He's shown to be noticeably uncomfortable if someone brings up his past self. When he realized that Gary was his friend's son he insists it changed nothing, and refuses to acknowledge himself as Jack, claiming that Jack died when he was chosen.

Powers and Abilities

In spite of his small size and seemingly frail appearance, Lord Commander compensates for it with vast telekinetic powers, sometimes referred to as his "light", an ability he acquired once his ship was hit by the explosion that not only closed off Final Space from the mortal dimension but also created Mooncake.

He is able to move and otherwise exert a force on objects with his mind, sometimes in a violent manner. The strength and intensity of his powers are so that he can levitate objects much larger and heavier than himself, such as boulders, while only having to stare at his target. Lord Commander is even capable of flight by levitating himself in the air with his powers. However, it is also known that his powers are causing him to weaken each time he uses them.

He often employs his powers on living creatures, allowing him to grab or hold them in the air, and also to tear flesh, which allows him to dismember people to break bones, which he can use to snap the necks of his victims. His power over other people’s bodies also allows him to contort, immobilize and manipulate the motor skills of others. Additionally, he appears to have a great proficiency with controlling rock and stone structures, notably ripping out a portion of the stone floor of his throne room and seemingly reshaping the large mass of rock somewhat to engulf a man he was questioning.

The Lord Commander can also control his victims' minds to some extent. Not only can he access Gary's mind against his will, but he can also fully take control of Little Cato and command him to kill his father. It is however possible for his victims to snap out of the mind control. He was also able to force Avocato to tell the others of his past up until adopting Little Cato.

After merging with the Incubating Titan, he gained the Titans incredible strength and the ability to survive in space unaided. He can also morph his arms into weapons as he demonstrated by turning his hand into a blade to kill Bolo with.


Quotes and Catchphrases

  • "All the pieces are in place...Let's play a little..."
  • "Do you like games? I love games. I always win."
  • "Where is E35-1?!"
  • "That's why I need "Mooncake", or whatever idiot calls him. I need him to live. Tell me where he is!"
  • "You will find him for me, or next time, I finish the job."
  • "Avocato, we had a deal. You promised me E35-1, and you failed...again.
  • "Ooh, ooh, hooray. When will it be mine? What, are you hiding it on you? Is this a game? I love games!"
  • "I haven't introduced myself. I am the Lord Commander.
  • "No deal."
  • "You must be the Gary."
  • "Come here, the Gary."
  • "Are you going to give me E35-1, or should I tear you limb from limb?"
  • "Friend? He was just betraying you!"
  • "I will murder your face... on??"
  • "After them!"
  • "That wasn't very helpful."
  • "How did I become so weak?"
  • "I've been patient, so unbelievably patient!"
  • "Mooncake is the key! That being can unlock... Final Space!"
  • "As for your father... Kill him."
  • "Surprise!"
  • "I have more surprises for you, the Gary."
  • "I spent many hours of my day planning this surprise. Everyone, and the entire prison was murdered for this surprise."
  • "John Goodspeed's son... Well, that changes nothing!"
  • "I was chosen by Titans."
  • "Hey John! If we survive this, what do you say we kick it up with some taquitos, bro?"
  • "Take me! I'm ready to be a Titan, and rule every dimension! No! No!"
  • "You've gotta be kidding."
  • "Not this time, the Gary."
  • "Here he is. The infamous hero. The Gary!"
  • "Mooncake... I wish we never met!"
  • "The Eyes of the Universe have prophesied that I will enter Final Space, which means I will live and all of you die!"
  • "How does one reach Final Space?"
  • "How I've missed this..."
  • "I've heard the cries of this galaxy. They yearn for a savior, and with you as my number two, I will finally reveal myself to them! There will be those who'll resist, which is why I need you. Ventrexians are the fiercest warriors in the galaxy. And you, Avocato, are the fiercest of them all!"
  • "And how did you think that was gonna go, girl? I. AM. THE LORD COMMANDER!"
  • "Avacato. After all we have been through, how fitting, you would be the one to witness my moment of triumph. Serve Invictus? I have no intention of awakening the Earth titan for Invictus. No. I will become the titan and rule every dimension for myself.


  • Usually, when showing his powers or when enraged, Lord Commander’s voice goes from its normal high pitch to a distorted, monstrous snarl, followed with his pupils disappearing.
  • Before he became Lord Commander, he was a member of the Infinity Guard named Jack who was also John Goodspeed's friend for 29 years.
  • The same implosion that created Mooncake, gave the Lord Commander his powers of telekinesis, also known as his "light".
  • He ends up imprisoned the same way that Bolo was originally.
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