The Lord Commander's species are a race of small humanoids, with light green skin. They have black tar-like blood.

Not much is known about them, since the only member ever seen is the Lord Commander, and he is atypical for the species due to the powers he received from exposure to Final Space.

Known Members of Species


  • It's revealed in "Chapter 8" that The Lord Commander is the only one of his species with psychic powers. He gains these powers from a energy wave from an antimatter blast, created when John Goodspeed set off an anti-matter  bomb to close a rift to Final Space. Besides granting him powers, it also made him evil. & his skin turned darker cause of him slowly dying.
  • When asked in a Facebook livestream on the actual name of the Lord Commander's species, creator Olin Rogers admitted that he did not think of a name for the species, and decided to let fans think of a name with Rogers picking one of them. That name has not been chosen yet.
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