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Nightfall is a character in Final Space (series), who first appeared in Episode Two.


Her facial appearance is similar to that of Quinn, with only sporting a small piece of gadget on the right side of her forehead while having a gray part of her hair. Nightfall also has some scars on the right side of her face. She wears mostly a bounty hunter uniform, only to be used in order for her to aboard the ship.


Unlike Quinn, Nightfall is very lax and is not as stubborn. She is shown to be slighty obsessive over Gary as she's been attempting to prevent the outcome of him dying for 20 years.

She is sometimes brash when it comes to doing what she needs to do, and will use brute force if needed.

Quotes and catchphrases

  • "Cause Einstein's a jerk."
  • "Gotta say, Gary, I missed your wit."
  • "I'm going to kill Mooncake, before he destroys all of us."
  • "I've been back hundreds of times and the only option left is to kill Mooncake."


  • It was revealed during Chapter 7 that Nightfall is indeed Quinn from the future, aged 20 years.