Olan Rogers is the creator, producer and writer of Final Space. He voices two of the main characters of the series, Gary Goodspeed and Mooncake. He also voices several supporting and recurring characters, such as Tribore Menendez, Biskit, and several other additional voices.


Rogers started his career on YouTube alongside two Collierville High School and University of Memphis friends in the comedy trio BalloonShop, known for their comedic sketches and shorts.

After transitioning to his solo channel, Rogers uploaded videos of his own sketches as well as humorous stories of his life, short films, and even several animated shorts. He reached 1,000,000 subscribers on March 26, 2019.


During the mid-2010s, Olan created  the first episode of a planned ten-part animated web-series called Gary Space to his personal YouTube channel.

The project went on hiatus after three episodes, since Rogers and the series' artist, Dan Brown, were occupied to separate projects at the time, but were in plans to continue the show.

Later, on 2015, Rogers planned to reboot the pilot, re-titled Final Space and it was initially pitched to Cartoon Network. The pilot was posted on April 5th 2016 and it caught the attention of Conan O'Brien, who invited him to Los Angeles to pitch Final Space to TBS as a full series and also joined production as an executive producer alongside Rogers and writer and producer David Sacks.

Two weeks later working on the pitch, the show was acquired by TBS and it premiered on February 26th of 2018.


  • He has mentioned that Final Space was inspired mostly by sci-fi shows and movies he used to watch as a kid (Transformers, Star Trek, Star Wars) and anime (Dragon Ball Z).
  • He’s best friends with Coty Galloway, who voices Avocato.
  • His favorite episode is "Chapter 10", and his least favorite episode is "The Lost Spy".
  • His favorite song is Footloose.
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