"You will retain no memory of these events, only fragments."

This article is about something that may not be canon to the TBS Series.

“It wasn't curiousity that led to the search for final space, the last point in the universe. Some believe it's a great power, others that its discovery would undo time. What I beleive, is that it's a giant, glowing marshmallow castle. Atop its fluffy, gelatinous tower there sits an elemental, beautiful, glowing, and he is shaped like a snowy egret, and his name is Peewin Junior. It woulda been tight. It woulda been tight”
— Gary, Pilot


Peewin Junior is a hypothetical snowy egret-shaped elemental that Gary Bisby believes dwells at the last point in the universe, Final Space. Peewin Junior lives in a giant glowing marshmallow castle and sits upon its fluffy gelatinous tower.


  • The idea of Peewin Jr. was conceived in a conversation between composer Olan Rogers and Jake Sidwell:
    Olan: "What's a weird animal."
    Me: "An Egret?"
    Olan: "And his name is Peewin Jr. Hahaha."