Pilot is the seven minute pilot episode of Final Space. It was first released online through Olan Rogers' YouTube page on April 5, 2016.


After the destruction of the HUE ship, Gary has moments left to escape before the ship completely explodes.


The HUE ship is seen to be destroyed and is set for complete destruction. Gary Space is seen holding a passed out Avocato, and is recounting the things that have happened. Lord Commander sees the destruction and is excited about it, and asking for his assistant to release the "celebratory victory balloons", but they turn out to be deflated. Gary flashes back to the time he began as a warden in the Infinity Guards and got their ship crashed. The ship warns him about the destruction and he prepares to leave, insulting a nearby dead KVN. Gary's helmet warns him that most of his past memories will no longer be remembered, and will only remain in fragments. He then prepares to leave the ship. While leaving, Lord Commander sees Gary leaving and thus fires every single weapon in his arsenal to destroy Gary and his ship, but Gary is able to get away in time. Gary then jumps into a wormhole and vows to save Mooncake and Quinn.


  • Gary
  • Mooncake
  • Avacato
  • Quinn
  • KVN
  • Lord Commander


FINAL SPACE - Cartoon Pilot -

FINAL SPACE - Cartoon Pilot -

Watch the pilot here: