This article is about the the TBS series character. You may be looking for the pilot character.


A brilliant and badass African American pilot who makes a terrifying discovery — there’s a breach in Time/Space, and when no one will listen, she steals a space ship and goes rogue to investigate. She is captured, arrested, and kidnapped by an Infinity Guard Cruiser which promptly gets sucked into the anomaly. Quinn uses an escape pod and is rescued by Gary. She then becomes one of the last good guys, fighting along side the Galaxy One crew.


Quinn has dark brown hair and brown skin. She wears a blue spacesuit with an Infinity Guard Jupiter with two rings' logo until she removes it in chapter 5. She wears a light orange hairband, gray belt, gloves, and boots with a white triangle collar just like Gary.


Quinn seems to be intelligent and independent, but underrated. She takes her job seriously and tries everything she can to save the universe, even if it may costs her job, her freedom, or Gary's life.

As time goes on, we start to see Quinn show a bit more affection towards Gary. During Chapter 8, she thought a little bit more of Gary. While witnessing Gary interact with his father, he admits his love for her. It can be seen she was swayed towards his love. This changes when Gary says he doesn't think she loved him back. Quinn's expression shows interpreted regret for the way she'd been treating him previously.

Quotes and Catchphrases

  • "Speaking of problems, maybe you should leave before you become one."
  • "Wow. I mean, no, but wow."
  • "Is there not a single idiot who can hear me?"
  • "Because I need you."
  • "What the tough titty whompus."
  • "But you can't be me. I know that because I'm already me."
  • "Nightfall? That's super lame. Did I come up with that?"
  • "That's good enough for me."
  • "I am suffering from an emergency that is going to destroy earth."
  • "Look me in the eye, now shut up."
  • This is a pretty good first date."
  • "This isn't a fight, it's a death sentence!"
  • "This is no job for a kid."
  • "Punch a hole for me boys!"
  • "I'm not coming back.."
  • "We've lost the Earth but I can still save you.."


  • There is no good evidence that she is alive. Nightfall (who is Quinn from the future) is considered alive, but she said Gary is murdered in all timelines he tries to run away, but Gary's (possible) death was by asphyxiation from space.



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