Richard is an alien of an unknown species. He is a member of The Resistance, though Tribore doesn't have a high opinion of him.

Richard is mentioned a few times in "Chapter 9", when Tribore orders him over the radio to help search for the Anti-matter bomb. Richard managed to find the secret underwater base of the Infinity Guard, where the bomb was kept.

Richard evidently escaped from Earth before it was pulled into Final Space, since he is still around in Season 2. He is seen for the first time in "The Grand Surrender" when Tribore calls him for advice how to escape from the pocket dimension inside the dying Werthrent. Richard is too busy doing nothing with Dan however, and thus is of no help.

In "The Other Side", Tribore suggests they ask Richard his opinion about H.U.E.'s idea to harness the power of the drop drive for Ash Graven to break through a time shard, but Gary shoots down the plan.

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