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This article is about something that may not be canon to the TBS Series.

Rock 1 is a static, voiceless character in the Gary Space series that is friends with Gary Space and Mooncake. It first appeared in Episode 2 and was last seen in Episode 3 of the series.



Rock 1 first appears in Episode 2 with two eyes and is initially mistaken for a Jabbawaddawada by Gary. Rock 1 is shot by Gary's "Beam of Knowledge and Understanding," which stuns it and causes its eyes to get sucked into its skull. Seconds later, Gary discovers that it is actually a rock. Gary and Mooncake quickly befriend it and Gary names it "Rock 1". While Mooncake is trapped in a "forever nap" (sleep), Rock 1 becomes Gary's sole companion for 3 to 4 months. In Episode 3, Rock 1 is seen sitting in a red toy wagon, inscribed with "Rock 1" on the side, which Gary used to transport Rock 1 around the planet.


In Episode 3, During a fight between Gary and two Zargonians, much to Gary's dismay, Rock 1 is apparently destroyed by a Zargonian laser blast, creating a fiery explosion which could be seen from outside the planet's atmosphere. His death is uncertain due to the series ending at the 3rd Episode.

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