The Scarlet Lance was a fleet belonging to the Infinity Guard.


A captain in the Scarlet Lance found E-351 aka Mooncake previous to the events in the series. Their fleet was destroyed by the Lord Commander after they refused to hand Mooncake over to him. It's remains used to be found near a dying star, before it went supernova.

The Galaxy One was hit by a shutdown command from the Infinity Guard resulting in it coming out of folded space in the vacinity of the Scarlet Lance's debris field.

Mooncake finds a record of the last moments of the Scarlet Lance, knowing that all they die because of him.


  • The Scarlet Lance gave Mooncake his previous name of E-351
  • The name of this fleet is a reference to a Star Wars fan film that Olan Rogers and Coty Galloway created and starred in called The Scarlet Lance, which is featured on Olan’s YouTube channel
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