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Season 3 is the upcoming third season of Final Space. This season is currently in development, little has been said about the plot itself, but there will be 13 episodes in total, just like Season 2, and it is set to premiere in early 2021 on Adult Swim. It will later get premiered on TBS, HBO MAX and Netflix, internationally.

Season Summary

After successfully rescuing Quinn Ergon from her prison, Gary, the Team Squad, and Bolo find themselves trapped within the horrific dimension of Final Space. With Invictus, the Titans, an old enemy, and many cosmic creatures massing on their heels, the Team Squad find themselves in the ultimate fight for survival as they attempt to escape Final Space.


Main cast

Recurring cast


The titles for the first 3 episodes have been confirmed so far.

No. in Series

No. in Season

Image Title Writer(s) Director Adult Swim Airdate TBS Airdate
Episode Description
24 1 TBA ...And Into The Fire Olan Rogers, David Sacks TBA TBA TBA
25 2 The Hidden Light

Olan Rogers, David Sacks

26 3 The Ventrexian

Olan Rogers, David Sacks

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