An astronaut named Gary and his planet-destroying sidekick called Mooncake embark on serialized journeys through space in order to unlock the mystery of where the universe actually ends and if it actually does exist.

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Image Title Writer(s) Directer(s) Online Airdate TBS Airdate
Episode 1a
Chapter 1 Olan Rogers & David Sacks Mike Roberts TBA TBA
Gary, after five years being lonely in prison, meets an alien he calls Mooncake, and vows to keep it safe. What Gary doesn't know, however, is that Mooncake is also a planet eye.
Chapter 2 Olan Rogers & David Sacks & Jane Becker Mike Roberts & Dan O'Connor TBA TBA
Gary and Avocato must stop a bounty hunter named Terk from telling Lord Commander that Mooncake is on the Galaxy One.
Cookie episode 3
Chapter 3 Olan Rogers, David Sacks, Alyssa Lane, Alex J. Sherman Ben Bjelajac, Mike Roberts TBA TBA
Gary and Avocato try to hide Mooncake safely away on the planet Yarno, but instead are trapped in a terrifying mind-puzzle; Mooncake is forced to fight in a combat arena called the Deathcropolis; Quinn investigates the gravitational disturbance.
Episode 4 c
Chapter 4 Olan Rogers, David Sacks Mike Roberts TBA TBA
After the Galaxy One is hacked, Gary has to harvest energy from a nearby star to reignite the engines and escape.
Chapter 5 Olan Rogers, Adam Stein, Christopher Amick, Ben Meckler, Jane Becker Chris Paluszek, Mike Roberts TBA TBA
Gary, Quinn, Little Cato, and Avocato, trace the gravitational disturbance to an eerie bioluminescent planet.
Chapter 6 Alyssa Lane, Alex Sherman, & Cameron Squires Ben Bjelajac TBA TBA
Gary and Avocato go on a mission to save Avocato's son, Little Cato, from the Lord Commander's Prison Planet.
Chapter 7 Christopher Amick & Ben Mekler Chris Paluszek TBA TBA
Gary grapples with his future when he learns that his prison sentence is up.
Chapter 8 Olan Rogers & David Sacks Mike Roberts TBA TBA
Gary and the Crew encounter a Titan, who tells them how to close the breach in the fabric of space.
Chapter 9 Adam Stein Ben Bjelajac TBA TBA
Gary and Quinn go back to Earth to find an anti-gravitational bomb that they hope can save the universe.
Chapter 10 Olan Rogers & David Sacks Mike Roberts TBA TBA
Gary, Quinn and the team battle the Lord Commander is to decide the fate of Final Space and the universe.