We'll get through it together. As a team. As a squad... As a team squad.
―Gary Goodspeed

The Team Squad are a crew of interdimensional misfits whose goals are to protect the universe from the horrors of Final Space. They are the main cast of the series. Although they started to form and act as a group in Chapter 4, it was not until Chapter 7 that the team officially went into existence.


Current Members

Deceased Members

Former Members



  • The team's name was coined by Gary in Chapter 7 when he was trying to comfort Little Cato after he accidentally destroyed Nightfall’s time ship.
  • Initially, Gary's first choice for their team name was "Legion of Murdering an Irritatingly Power-thirsty Pint-sized Imp into a Plethora of Butthoooooles", referring to their desire to tear the Lord Commander a set of new buttholes. This name was dropped after Season 1 however.
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