Oh, this is a cursed place! It's very cursed!

Tera Con Prime was a space station ruled by Lord Commander. It was also the location of the Lord Commander Empire headquarters.


Tera Con Prime, a once inhabited planet, was destroyed as a result of unknown circumstances. But a space station was built on the wreckage of the planet, presumably by the Lord Commander.

The station has a well-developed infrastructure. The entire station is pierced by transport pipes that deliver any things to any part of the station.

The exact number of inhabitants of the station is unknown, but judging by the saturation of pedestrian and car traffic, the station has a fairly large number of inhabitants.

The station is managed from the main building, where most of the time the Lord Commander is located. From there, Lord can lock the entire station and activate guns from outside the station and from the inside. Also in the building is a large number of soldiers, a prison and a treasury.

Following the Lord Commander's death and the fall of his empire, Tera Con Prime was largely abandoned by the populace, leaving as a barren wasteland.

One of many Lord Commander statues within Tera Con Prime

Notable Residents


  • The sector number 18650 is likely a reference to 18650 sized lithium-ion batteries.
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