Terk is a character and secondary antagonist of Final Space (series).


Terk is a Bounty Hunter hired by the Lord Commander to find and capture Mooncake.

In Chapter 2, Terk sends a probe to scan the Galaxy One for Mooncake. After his probe was destroyed, Gary and Avocato send out on a mission to kill him before relaying the information about Mooncake to Lord Commander.

He was killed by Avocato, who was going to spare his life after Terk told him where Little Cato was. Terk then went to shoot Avocato, but Avocato sensed it, told him "I'll let you go to hell!" and shot Turk. After a somewhat long and dramatic scene of him being shocked by the bullet, Avocato clearly not caring, he blew up and died, his body parts splattered everywhere in a gory fashion.


Terk is an olive green, muscular alien with 3 amber eyes with noticeable black outlines, and pupils with the same black color. He has these spikes at the top of his head, and elf-like ears as well. He wears a large brown armor chest piece, a red cape, a belt with two pouches on the sides, spiky arm-pads and spiky wrist shields of sorts, a gray shirt underneath his armor, gray leggings with similar color boots, and a black sash across his chest. Sometimes he can be seen with a black, bucket-like hat over his head with red light shining through, symbolizing eyes, but he has 3 while the bucket has 2 eyes.


Terk is serious, ruthless, and all around evil. He is shown to not care about his comrades as he leaves them behind to die in the galaxy one. He also is seen pushing a robot on his face and just walking off like nothing has happened. He glares at people he hates, and he insults Gary, dressed as Melanie Dewinter, by calling him a "bag".



Terk really hated Avocato. Once allies, Terk betrayed Avocato by leaving him to die on the Galaxy One. He growls, tackles, and tries to kill his once-ally. Avocato then tackles him, yelling for a reason why he should not kill Terk for betraying him. Terk's reasoning of knowing where Avocato's son, Little Cato's location was almost works, until Terk made the bad decision to try to shoot him. A bad decision that led to his demise. Avocato shoots him, painfully electrocuting him to death until he explodes. Avocato is seen staring at the dying Terk with a stoic, slightly annoyed look, until Terk finally stops screaming, his body exploding into nothing but body parts and blood everywhere.


Not much is known on what Gary thinks of Terk, but we do know that Gary gets slightly offended when Terk calls him a "bag". As for what Terk thinks about Gary, he is seen glaring at the man dressed up as a woman and insulting him when he shouts at him.


Although they never interact, Terk is after Mooncake as the Lord Commander is looking for him.

Lord Commander-

Terk is working for the Lord Commander and is shown trying to contact him, before he is stopped by Gary and Avocato.


  • "Set course for Tera Con Prime."
  • "Who the hell're you, you lil' bag!"
  • "Because I know where your son is."
  • "Holding cell 43. Now let me go."


  • Terk is the first non-robot Avocato kills on screen.
  • Terk's voice actor, John DiMaggio, voices many other small characters throughout the series.