Time Swap Sammy is an enigmatic being responsible for preventing ripples in the timelines because of time travelers.


Time Swap Sammy appears for the first time in "The Remembered", when a Temporal Worm makes the Crimson Light crew travel three years to the past. Sammy stops time to warn the crew not to do anything that alters the timeline or else the universe would be destroyed. He also says he already knows Gary, although he doesn't know him yet.

Sammy reappears at the end of the episode reproaching the crew that they ruined too many things and demands that they return the Dimensional Key that they stole or he could lose his job. Gary ends up agreeing if he allow him to save Avocato from his death. Sammy explains that to transfer someone from the timeline it is necessary to fill the void with another person so as not to untangle the threads of reality.

After Sammy took them to the moment when Avocato died, Gary and Little Cato rescue him, with Gary having to stay behind to avoid destroying reality. Sammy then stabilizes the agonizing Avocato with his Vitamin T.

Powers and Abilities

Sammy is able to time travel, stop time, and manipulate the course of a Time Worm. If this are natural abilities or derivated of technology is unknown.

Quotes and Catchphrases

  • "You haven't met me before, but I've met you. It's a time thing."
  • "Now, listen, no disturbing, no killing, no romancing, no tipping."
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