Words are a waste describing their horror.

The Titans are major antagonists of Final Space, serving as the central antagonists of Season 1, minor antagonists in Season 2 and the secondary antagonists of Season 3.

They are a race of cosmic beings created by the Arachnitects to build and create the universe. After being corrupted, they come with the sole purpose of infecting the universe with chaos. The Titans are currently imprisoned inside Final Space.


In the beginning there was nothing but blackness, until the Arachnitects were born from unimaginable light. They created the Titans and ordered them to layer and create dimensions. But when they reached the final parts of space, the Titans were corrupted by an ancient mysterious evil. The Titans who were corrupted believed the Arachitects were enslaving them and using them just to build the universe and that Invictus liberated them. The only one that was unaffected by the corruption was Bolo, who sealed the Titans in Final Space but was imprisoned in Inner Space by Oreskis.

The Titans currently reside within the dimension known as Final Space. For eons, the Titans tried to escape from Final Space, creating breaches between the thread of dimensions. When John Goodspeed closed one of this breaches, a fraction of Final Space corporealizes in the form of a creature later known as Mooncake, while an energy wave corrupted Johns' co-pilot Jack into becoming the Lord Commander.

The Titans are said by Nightfall to be responsible for the destruction of the universe in the future where she came from, when Mooncake opened the portal to Final Space in a fit of rage after Gary's death.

It is also known that they are sacrificed to like Gods. This is seen in Chapter 3, when the High Helpers concoct a battle-to-the-death arena called the Deathcropolis, in order to make sacrifices to the Twelve Titans.


Titans appear large and monstrous creatures. Each Titan is unique in appearance. They are colossal, and can change their size. One Titan was able to increase his size to break through the breach and grab earth into Final Space.

Known Members of Species



  • It's revealed in Chapter 10 that the Lord Commander wishes to become one of them to prevent himself from dying and gain more power as a Titan.
  • A titan was seen in "The Other Side", but since the events from that episode were all in Little Cato's imagination, it is unknown if this Titan actually exists.
  • The Lord Commander was driven to his actions in hope of joining the Titans himself, believing they had chosen him. This was proven false however when he finally opened a breach to Final Space.
  • Titans seem to have lime green blood, as evident by the Lizard Titan bleeding green blood when its arm was blasted off by Mooncake, and Bolo and Oreskis' injuries sustained during their fight.
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