Zargon Tukalishi is a character of Final Space (series)


Zargon Tukalishi is a short-lived character in Chapter 3. He is seen living in Yarno, his assumed home-planet. He greets Avocato and Gary, before getting his head ripped off. Avocato states after his death, "Looks like they made some changes around here.", implying that Yarno once was a peaceful place.


Zargon Tukalishi is a tall, light cyan alien with 2 eyes, elf-like ears, a cone-like head, and long flaps of skin around a beak-like mouth. His hands only have 3 fingers and his shoulders are covered by a brown cape with a gold clip, and a beige patch on the left shoulder. He is also wearing a maroon shirt with a gold band and a greenish-brown bag at his side. He has another bag at his hip, along with a weapon, most likely a sword or knife of sorts, and orange pants with gold details.


Zargon seems to be rather friendly, as he cheerfully greets Avocato and Gary when they go to Yarno to hopefully protect Mooncake. He also seems to act a bit dopey, as his expressions before his head gets ripped off looked goofy, and also how he dramatically exaggerates the word "Yarno" .

The only quote zargon speaks

  • "Gorplo! I'm Zargon Tukalishi, and welcome to the Yarno!"