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This article is about something that may not be canon to the TBS Series.

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Although this article is based on canonical information, the actual name of this subject is pure conjecture.

Zargonians were a sentient humanoid race, members of which were encountered by Gary Space on a distant exotic planet of some kind.

Physical Description

Zargonians were a humanoid species with large pointed ears and rounded teeth. They were known to have either green or magenta coloured skin.


Zargonians appear to be quite friendly, as multiple Zargonians approach Gary offering assistance, even after he has already killed other Zargonians. The Zargonian language is virtually identical to English. The Zargonian duo seen in Episode 3 understand a Star Wars reference made by Gary.

Known Members

Unidentified Zargonian (Episode 1)

A Zargonian that approached Gary offering assistance in the first episode. Startled by his sudden appearance, Gary disintegrated him.

Unidentified Zargonian (Episode 2)

A Zargonian that approached Gary offering assistance in the second episode. Creeped out by his "bug eyes", Gary disintegrated him. After killing him, Gary fears that an intergalactic war may have been started as a result.

Zargonian Duo (Episode 3)

A pair of Zargonians that attempted to apprehend Gary due to his murder of the Zargonians in the previous episodes. Confused by his strange antics, they debated whether or not to shoot him, and decided it would be best to secure "The Weapon" first. Gary then attempted to insult them by calling them "Slipper Trolls", leading them to question the possible meaning of this insult. The one Zargonian concluded that the other's wife, Cheryl, may be a slipper troll, which led to a brief argument until they were interrupted by Gary wondering about the similarity between English and Zargonian. After Gary killed a third Zargonian in front of them, a fire fight broke out between the duo and Gary's group. The duo succeeded in killing Rock 1, knocking Gary unconscious, and capturing Mooncake.


A Zargonian mentioned by the duo in Episode 3 as being the wife of the magenta-skinned Zargonian.

Unidentified Zargonian (Episode 3)

A Zargonian that approached Gary offering assistance in the third episode. He is disintegrated by Gary, who claims he "completely walked right into that one".


Whether this species is actually called Zargonian, and how exactly Zargonian should be spelled, is unknown. Zargonian is mentioned as the language they speak, and may just be named for a particular ethnic group of this species, or not connected to classifications of the species at all.

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