Zetakron Alpha is a planet located in the Udrex System in Sector 11. It was employed by the Lord Commander as a prison colony.


Zetakron Alpha consists of two planets, that are located next to each other and constantly surrounded by purple thunderclouds so that, from space, it appears to be only one planet. Gary and Avocato discovered this too late when space vaulting from the Galaxy One onto Zetakron Alpha.

The only local life form ever seen in the show, are a race of pigeons.

On one of the two planets is a prison where Lord Commander enclosed many of his prisoners, including Little Cato. In Chapter 5, Lord Commander tricked Little Cato to break out of his cell and send a distress call to his father, allowing Lord Commander to set a trap. He killed everyone in the prison and put Little Cato under his mind control to trap Gary and Avocato and capture Mooncake. The plan failed and the heroes escaped, but at the last moment Lord Commander killed Avocato with a bomb.

The planet was visited again in "The Remembered", when the Crimson Light crew travelled to the past to save Avocato from dying. Gary had to sacrifice himself to stay behind in the past in order for Avocato to live and come to the present with the others. He spend several months on the planet to get back to the present where the others could pick him up.


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